Sep. 27th, 2014

gwyn: (steve and bucky)
1. Went up to [personal profile] killabeez and Mr. Killa's new house last night for dinner and it is really beautful and dinner was lovely and of course the company was awesome. The view from their living room is spectacular, overlooking the area where the ferries leave from Mukilteo -- seeing the ferries with their lights on, crossing the water at night, is always one of the things I love about living in Puget Sound.

2. This fucking spectacular Winter Soldier paper art project by beelikej for [personal profile] talitha78 is utterly amazing and you should go read this post to see how she did it. I am green with envy!

3. Um. Oh! A couple people rec'd stories I've written this week, which means the world to me. I've been feeling pretty crappy about writing lately and that was definitely inspirational.

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