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Behind again on memage! [personal profile] grammarwoman--Is there a fandom you resisted but fell into anyway, or one that you thought would be a great fit for you but turned out bleh?

You know, I rarely ever get into anything that I didn't discover on my own. There are a lot of shows I've watched based on recommendations, but fandoms are always things I have to discover on my own. No fic or vid can pimp me, I just seem to be impervious to fandom for something I didn't find the fannish feeling for myself. (check out that alliteration!) So when I do fall for something, it's definitely because it hit something in me I needed. Like, even Due South, I fell for the show and I made some vids with Sandy, but as a fandom experience, I watched it from the sidelines. I never really got more into it as a fannish whole than the vids. (That might also have been because the show went off the air almost within weeks of me being converted, and then when it came back a couple years later, I didn't enjoy the changes they'd made much at all.)

But probably Captain America fandom has surprised me more than most, especially the comics part of it. I've always avoided comics fandoms, especially ones with a really lengthy history, because I cannot keep all that shit straight in my head and it drives me crazy, as a completist, trying to keep track of which universe a character's dead in or in outer space or is a ghost or is involved with someone in this universe but not in that universe…argh! It's maddening to me. And with Cap, you've got all these disparate takes on him, and his relationships with different people, and his history…it's enough to make me lose my mind. I think that's one reason I like the MCU because even if it's retconning stuff or not keeping track of its own shit (like, say, the gray canon of Steve and Bucky meeting in an orphanage that came from the first movie, then changed for Winter Soldier), for the most part, they're sticking to one universe (helpful when you don't have rights to other characters!).

But if you'd have asked me a couple years ago if I'd fall head over heels in love with Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes? Or Sam Wilson and Natasha Romanov and Sharon Carter? I'd have scoffed. I liked the characters, sure, but to fall as deeply in love with them as I have? That was totally unexpected, and kind of glorious.

On the other hand, fandoms I totally expected to have but then didn't are legion. The worst one might be Agents of SHIELD. I thought that was a given for me, because Coulson, and I already liked Ming-na Wen, but Jesus Christ on a biscuit I hate that show. I keep hate-watching it, but what they did last week, I'm not sure I can stomach it anymore. I've never been so underwhelmed and then pissed off by something I thought was made for me to love as I have been about that show. I just have to keep putting my fingers in my ears and going la-la-la Coulson and Clint are off somewhere making waffles and drinking coffee from the pot together, and he's not flying around on that fucking plane on that fucking show.
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