Nov. 19th, 2014

gwyn: (bucky winter soldier)
I did the DW friending meme last year and found a bunch of cool new people to connect with, so I've thrown another entry in the pot this year at theladyscrib's journal, especially since I'm in the throes of fandom love for such a huge fandom this year with Cap/Winter Soldier MCU stuff. As soon as I get this book I'm copyediting out the door, I'ma be friending people!

If anyone's interested, that's where my big passion lies right now -- I haven't been posting here much beyond the fic or vid announcements, but I do occasionally venture forth for other things, and hope to do both the December talking meme and something I did last year, the 31 Flavors recs meme I stole from raveninthewind. I hope that will help get me out of my depresso slump a bit.

I miss the conversation, I do -- both in the sense of people posting on journals and me being involved more with the people I know and with fandom at large. Tumblr's great for giving me a visual rest for my eyes when I work on books, but it's impossible to talk to people there, and it seems like the tide of great Cap2 gifs and fanart is ebbing, so…

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