Sep. 11th, 2015

gwyn: (bucky confusedface)
I don't know why I waste time writing meta, it never seems worth the effort, but I wrote a thing on Tumblr about Bucky and blinking and how it's yet another physical indicator of his internal thought processes in the bank vault scene of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. If you're inclined to read that sort of thing, as Mr. Sam Wilson might say. I knew that minor in speech communication would be useful someday, too bad it's just for a Tumblr post. I always feel like I'm talking into a void, both because few people are journaling these days and nothing ever really goes anywhere on Tumblr, and yet I continue to do it.

Speaking of Sam Wilson, I hear his birthday is the 23rd. I'm writing a sam hill story (Sam/Maria), I think, in honor of that, but I'm floundering past the initial premise of him asking her out. If you have any prompts you'd be interested in, let me know. I can't promise I'll use it, but I might!

The repairs on the south wall of my house are done. It looks like a new house if you only look at that wall. So that was thousands and thousands of dollars I hadn't planned on spending. Yay. I wish so much that that was money I could have used to help people, it seems a lot of people I know are going through really rough times, and I would so much rather have spent it on them. But when it's completely rotten and falling apart, you can't keep ignoring it the way I have for the past few years.

And that's the only updating I have.

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