Jan. 6th, 2017

Rogue One

Jan. 6th, 2017 01:13 pm
gwyn: (walken wonderland)
So I am really close to finishing my book before deadline, but I was at a place yesterday where I couldn't take the just work work work slip in a fannish thing work work work anymore, and went to see Rogue One. I liked it! I had huge fucking issues with it that made me spit nails afterward, but for the most part I really did enjoy it and I thought that that's what I really need more of from the SW universe--standalone stories that aren't just franchise tentpoles and less about the fucking Jedi, in whom I have lost all interest (thanks, Lucas). Like, I care less than zero, it's down in the double digits, about a young Han Solo movie because they always have some teen heartthrob asshole who can't act, but I might be motivated for a young Leia movie, depending on a lot of things. And also no more gross uncanny valley CGI.

But! I also came out of it with a kickass vid idea that I would very much like to try to make for Escapade, however I have no useful source and right now things aren't working well that would allow me to get a workable copy of the first three movies (I don't need the prequels, thank god) and Force Awakens, and I haven't been able to find a ::ahem mumble:: rip of R1 that isn't an mkv, which I don't currently have a way to convert.

I don't suppose anyone out there might have workable copies for vidding of the first movies plus FA, or a copy of R1? I would dedicate not only the vid but any virtual first-born children to you if you could hook me up. Ugh, I haven't been this psyched about an idea for a while and yet this is the one time I have no freaking source.

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