Sep. 1st, 2017

gwyn: (spinaltap infinitemonkeys)
This is Gwyneth Actual reporting in from high atop the tenth floor of Swedish Hospital in Seattle. I am doing OK but still in a fair amount of pain. It's really hard to get up and down from the bed but after a really bad night last night things have improved a bit today. I can't believe how terrible it is to post from mobile on DW, geez. Between the gown falling off me all the time and the IV falling down and pulling it makes trying to type on this thing miserable. This is infuriating.

The surgeon says that the tumor was super small and that that everything went well. The results for what stage the cancer is won't be in till next week with the Labor Day holiday. Which is frustrating obviously because there're lots of questions about that and whether there's chemo or anything in my future.

The hardest thing at first was that I woke up in searing pain in my right eye--a cornea scratch that hurt far worse but that they couldn't be arsed to treat. I guess either they taped my eyelids over an eyelash or I scratched it or something who knows but it took forever for them to deal with it and the room was full of blinding light so that made it about 1,000 times worse. I guess they happen all the time, I was talking with a friend about what happened to her during her surgery, but I never had that before and I gotta say, it was pretty bad.

I've had lots of visitors, and mostly I'm just really tired all the time. This morning I had so much trouble keeping my eyes open and holding onto my phone. I basically had to wait all day to make this post because I'm just so out of it. They put me on a solid diet tonight, so I had some bacon which everyone thought was weird because it's very heavy, but I knew I wouldn't be likely to actually try to eat anything, so I better get something that I really enjoy the taste of. I think 2 1/2 pieces was actually pretty good!

I might get to go home by tomorrow afternoon or Sunday morning if I keep the solid food down and move to pain pills instead of an IV. That would be great.

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