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I spent most of yesterday either vidding or looking for clips for my treat vid, much to the consternation of my back. Which means I forgot to post a rec. But I'm really enjoying working on this vid; it took me forever to find the right song and I wasn't certain it even was the right song, but once I got into it I realized it was perfect and the vid is turning out really well.

I was looking forward to doing something about my back this year, but my doctor is away until the end of next month, and the person filling in wouldn't give me a referral, which the spine clinic insisted on. It really, really pisses me off. She might give me a referral after I go in and see her, but I don't want to because I need to save my money for the actual spine clinic, not an unnecessary visit to a temporary doctor. They will let me see someone at the chronic pain office that's new in the clinic I go to, but I know nothing about them, nor about how much they know about back issues and if they're just going to be the same old same old pills and surgery types I've seen there before, who pretty much destroyed my dad's health. I'm really just furious about this. It's my body, and they're supposed to be working for me, not me appeasing them. If my doctor was here, I wouldn't have to put up with this shit, I'm sure. This pain makes it hard to vid, though.

Anyways, that means two recs today:
Captive Audience (2459 words) by neevebrody
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Numb3rs
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Billy Cooper/Don Eppes
Characters: Don Eppes, Billy Cooper
Additional Tags: Dirty Talk, Voice Kink

Billy sat straight and stretched, moaning through the movement. "What? No breakfast?" he asked in that sleepy, low voice that made even his grunts sound like a molasses-in-the-mouth drawl.

When I rediscovered my love for Max Martini this summer, I went back and checked the Numb3rs fics in AO3. There used to only be a couple that focused on Don and Billy Cooper, Max's indelible character from first season. There were waaay more when I checked this time, and I liked this one because it focused on something that really made me take notice of Max in that role -- his smoke and whiskey tinged voice and slow drawl, and how incredibly erotic it can be. I rarely see anyone actually write voice porn, so this was a wonderful surprise.

Each year at Festivids time, there have been some great Lilo & Stitch vids, but this one last year really made me happy:
Best Friends
Recipient: shinealightonme
Vidder: Valika
Fandom: Lilo & Stitch
Music: Best Friends by Judie Jay and Zoohacker
Summary: We'll be best friends for eternity !
Content notes: No standardized notes apply
Signed length: 03:52

I think a lot of it is hearing a song that I didn't know anyone else was aware of but me used for this, and it's a perfect fit for the movie.


Mar. 25th, 2008 03:02 pm
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Courtesy of [ profile] beck_liz, the cutest Numb3rs ad ever. Really, probably the cutest TV series ad ever. Even if you don't watch Numb3rs, you should watch this adorable ad.
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For [ profile] barkley, 5 times Don lied to his family (Numb3rs).

1. The window was never proven, and his parents wouldn't even have known about it if Charlie hadn't run into the house flapping his mouth, shouting that "Don broke the window" and waiting like a happy executioner for Dad to lower the boom on Don. He denied all responsibility (every kid in the neighborhood had been playing ball that day), and took it out on Charlie later when their parents went out to dinner.

2. He always told them that it was an injury. It was easier to say that than to make a confession about how he knew he would never make it to the show, that the best he could hope for was a farm team and while that might have been satisfactory to some, it wasn't to him. Not with the genius kid brother. If he told them that he knew he would never get where he wanted to go playing ball, where he was driven to go, they would try to shore up his confidence. That was the last thing he needed -- well-meaning pity.

3. Everyone still thinks it was an amicable breakup between him and Kim. Charlie has his suspicions now that he's met her, but he knows better than to ask Don.

4. Once, his dad asked Don where he disappears to on such long weekends, and how come he never seems to get time off from the job except on those long weekends he takes occasionally? Don said he doesn't go much of anywhere, just turns off all the phones, watches TV, forgets about the ugly world he lives in. But if they ever tried to get into his apartment, they'd find out he was gone. Wherever Billy Cooper is holed up, whether in some rickety motel chasing a fugitive or the barren apartment he calls home in Arizona now, that's where Don goes. It's worth the subterfuge.

5. He told his mom that everything would be okay. That the doctors knew what they were doing, that treatment was advancing every day. He told his dad that he hadn't minded coming home to help care for her. They both knew he was lying, but they wanted to hear it, anyway, and if he said it enough, Don might believe it, too.
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Last Friday, [ profile] feochadn told me that the names of my two currently running fave bad shows are both names of gay porn mags. Or maybe just regular porn for guys obsessed with size. I didn't ask. I should feel ashamed. Numb3rs has become increasingly lame and formulaic, lacking even the really striking visual scenarios of first season, but I don't care because they give me the huge family love and terse Don angst that I crave, so I suffer the dumbassness for the hit of the good.

Also on CBS, which seems to specialize in the lamest of lame shows with lame dialog and cardboard casts and lame acting, I now have The Unit, which sucks like a wormhole inside a black hole and by gum, I love it. It has Dennis Haysbert, whom most folks think of as President Palmer on 24 (or hell, the Allstate guy), but who will always be the mercurial, whimsical, satanic, brilliant, arrogant, and sexy Dr. Theo Morris from Now and Again (with Eric Close, and let me tell you, that show made my eyeballs very happy indeed). It has Robert Patrick, my little T-1000, who's been in everything, it seems, but who recently knocked my socks off with his performance in Walk the Line, and he goes around yelling macho things and giving us arm porn every single week (man is in *good* shape). But most of all it has Max Martini, my new obsession, best known to Numb3rs fans as Special Agent Smokin' HottieBilly Cooper.

Even if you're busy with whatever the hell else is on Tuesdays at 9, (Wah! Scrubs! I miss you), you should find a way to watch this show just for the quien es mas machoness of each week. It is so lame and pathetic and I love it so. I'm ashamed. But I'm not. If people aren't ashamed of SGA or House or whatever, then I'm not going to be ashamed of The Unit! Or, well, maybe just a little bit. Because of the b-plots and the wives, who are all heinous.

But the next best thing to being there is [ profile] mspooh's screencap reviews. She has the same love hate I do. This week's is, as usual, stellar. If you don't know the guys, she calls Bob, lead newbie guy (Scott Foley), Noel because that's who he played on Felicity; Haysbert (Jonas, team leader) the Prez from 24, and Patrick she calls Col. ArmPorn, because he is. And Max is always HotGuy, because, well, he is what he is, too. We share a mutual appreciation for HotGuy. The two guys who seem to be in and out of the series and who have names but I can't remember them are Thing 1 and Thing 2. Even if you never plan to watch it, the reviews are hilarious and you should read them. Pretty much gives you a good idea of the show and its lameness, but you still get eye candy. The only thing missing is HotGuy's voice, which is low and sexy and primal, and the Prez's stentorian, sexy rumble. Sometimes it's fun to listen to Col. ArmPorn bellow at the dumbass wives.

At some point I need to hunker down and make a Unit icon (of HotGuy, why do you ask?), but in the meantime it feeds my Max obsession in a way those awful Lifetime movies and multiple viewings of "Man Hunt" from Numb3rs cannot.
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If any of you have been trying to reach me at all for the past, oh, week, my ISP is a totally fucked up mess, and I haven't seen a lot of my mail, nor has my mail apparently reached other people. Some of it seems to go through fine, others, especially those to other people on my ISP, aren't getting through at all. I hate them. But bear with me.

Numbers craptasticness )
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The young actor who played William in Deadwood, a character I adored, showed up in Numb3rs last week, allowing my new favorite clam (clam essay coming soon, I promise), Don, to engage in sensitive paternal bonding. That actor seems to bring out the sweet side of my wound-up-tight guys, because Seth was just as adorable with William as Don was to the kid.

Which just makes me want more of Don getting emotional. I'm scared CBS is screwing with the formula on the show to emphasize the FBI cases, but I want more Don losing his rag with Charlie stuff (like last year), or getting all worked up about a kid, or what have you. I love Don when you can see him visibly soften from his normal tightly buttoned-up state, like when he questions the people who've lost someone or been hurt. Also, they still need more running around with guns, and bring back the thigh holsters with the tie-downs. I need this.

Everything feels crappier every day. I feel worse all the time, and the closer it gets to our birthday, to the holidays, the worse I feel. I enjoy seeing my beloveds suffering or having the big emotional breakdowns I don't get to have. I like seeing the cracks in their relationships because I know that things will get patched up, being TV and movieland, even though that doesn't often happen in real life. Plus it's even better when the people having the breakdowns are hot guys who normally don't get to be that emotional.
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So, this is my first "story" in the Numb3rs fandom. I hesitate to call it a story; it's really more a series of intraepisode interludes from Man Hunt, the ep with Don's old partner Coop. I can't exactly vouch for quality, either, as I've been editing and changing up to and after posting, which always means typos or bad words creep in that I don't notice, etc. I'm just chronically dissatisfied with everything I do, but this especially so.

In the Blood is here and it's a little over 6,000 words, Don and Coop, and if you've never read anything by me before, I eschew the usual trappings like warnings and keywords and disclaimers because they're an idiotic waste of time. The only summaries are on my main page, and the one for this is "Don and Coop's reunion is more than just on the job."

Thanks to [ profile] sherrold for the edits!
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I don't normally talk about articles we publish or the magazine here, but I proofread a story yesterday that I think everyone interested in the arguments for/against staying in Iraq should read. A lot of times, I shake my head at the crap we publish, but the past few weeks I've been proud of the range of topics and the questions people ask in their pieces, and this one really blew me away in how carefully he stays away from an opinion on the overarching issue, while focusing his piece on one specific problem. It's a psychologist's take on The Sunk-Cost Fallacy of Bush's latest idiotic statement on Iraq.


I have been remiss in my birthday greetings this week: I wish to rain felicitations down on the wonderful [ profile] monanotlisa, [ profile] nandibble, and [ profile] justacat.


Three really different TV shows, one connecting theme: family. Read at your own risk because I don't care about spoilers if you haven't watched Veronica Mars, Numb3rs, or Battlestar Galactica )

Labor pains

Sep. 4th, 2005 08:54 pm
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Sunday night of a supposedly long, holiday-day-off weekend, and I've worked harder this week than maybe ever before. Or at least maybe for the last five or six years, and that's as far back as I can remember. On Friday alone I think we copyedited and published something like 25 stories for the magazine; that doesn't even encompass what we did for the rest of the week. Biggest table of contents we've had since I've been there, and because I was on copy desk duty this weekend (which means I work every morning to proofread the things that have gone up, publish a cartoon, and other small things), that meant I also had to build covers and other things that require a lot of detail work and concentration. But I felt proud when we finally logged off late Friday night. Proud that we were writing important things, saying the things that needed to be said, asking questions other people wanted to be asked. I felt like for the first time in a long time, being in the news world wasn't a bad thing (although I see the cable news channels have gone back to their annoying selves with alarming alacrity). I wasn't easing anyone's suffering, but I was participating in getting information out, and that felt really good.

But it's turned into a much harder weekend than that -- Rehnquist died, of course, so that meant working today. I got some time to go to my writing group, which was good, but it's been a working weekend after a long, hard week, and then I have more coming tomorrow when I could be kicking back. Somehow, talking about Rehnquist just doesn't feel as imperative or important to me as the aftermath of Katrina.

So I've contented myself with working up a fic idea for Numb3rs that makes me feel a little odd. They repeated the episode Manhunt (I always go to Mag 7 on that title of course) Friday night, and I've been watching it over and over. Because I think... okay, in a fandom where incest is de rigeur, this is an odd thing to worry about... but I think that Don Eppes and Billy Cooper are teh SEX together and goddamn, I want to write a little ep-centric fic set in the midpoint of the episode. Even though I don't think Coop's actor is that attractive (and that annoying orange filter they use does his ginger coloring no favors) in most respects, the guy is just really... sexy. He has a quality. I do not know how to put my finger on it but there's something about his taciturn snark and the way he calls Eppes "Donnie" and the way he talks about Don and the way he looks at Don, and his arms and his ass in the khaki trousers, and the way Don looks at him and shows more emotion than normal, and they are so adorable in their complete clamness with each other that I can just imagine the most incredible fireworks. And have been imagining them since late Friday night. I swear it's gotten me through the past few days.

But it feels odd to write a fic that's set in a single ep with a character who probably will never come back (more's the pity, dammit). Since it's all about Charlie and Don, and I can tell right now there's way more interest in wee ickle Charlie than in uberclam Don, and a fic without a lot of Charlie would be howling into the abyss, I don't know if there's any audience beyond me, but I must write it. Because... Don was created for me. Though I adore Charlie (and Alan, and everyone else), Don was made for me -- he is every single kink I have except tallness put into a tight-lipped clam package. [ profile] sherrold said the other night that Don is truly unique in the fannish BSO world: he's a complete adult. And he is, and that is a huge kink for me. Men who behave like true adults are rare on fannish type shows, and Don just shines in that regard -- this guy who gave up his life to take care of his mom because his brother couldn't, who is always trying to do the right thing, who doesn't talk about himself or complain, he just does the work. He's loving and loyal and strong and stalwart and mature and snarky and smart. He's a grownup. And I adore him. Plus, he knows how to handle a gun, and that is just... for me, the ultimate kink is a guy who knows his weapons and looks like he uses them every day. And Coop is not much different than Don, and so I think that rather than clam must not touch clam (only old-time fans will probably get that), it's like 1 clam + 1 clam=emotoclamsplosion!

I have also begun the Deadwood vid, though it will take a while since Jo and I are only able to get together once a week, and will soon begin capturing clips for a remaster of There's No Way Out of Here. And Ciudad part 7 will be up in a day or two. So there are things I try to take my mind off the work with, but I'm just so tired... my brain hurts, my heart hurts. Reading and writing about this constantly, day in and day out, is beyond draining. But I have running water, I have a toilet that works, I have food, I have a car with some gas in it, and I have a roof over my head. I have time enough to daydream about hot FBI agents. And that's something that a lot of people do not have right now.

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