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The friending frenzy has begun! It'll be a bit before I can sit down and respond to all the recent friending but I'm super thrilled to see so many folks here, and I usually friend back (unless I'm not sure who you are and there's nothing in your journal to give me an idea). I very, very rarely lock posts. I'm locking more old posts, and probably will lock more posts in the future, thanks to the sleazebags at fanlore. If you're interested in access but don't want to subscribe, PM me. If you would like to link to an unlocked post or quote, I'd really appreciate a heads up, and I do not give permission to repost my journal postings anywhere, especially not fanlore.

I haven't been great about posting here, mainly because I'm one of the weirdos who actually enjoyed tumblr, it was a nice way for me to rest my eyes with visuals in between editing chapters or stories or whatever, and I liked the ease of reblogs. I am a little dubious about the future, because to say I'm a tech nitwit is a vast understatement, but I do post about some life stuff and fannish things, and most of my after-LJ posts use the tags feature. I also need to take some time to update all my links and things, I haven't done that in...years and years, but I will try to do that.

Other stuff is linked on my profile page, and as of last week, if you want to help support my efforts to make writing and vidding less physically painful for me (which took a big hit when my cat decided to try to die), I have a Ko-Fi page where you can throw a few bucks my way (and a paypal address: gwynethr at gmail).

My big fandom is still Steve/Bucky, but I am somewhat polyamorous in the MCU or Cap fandom, and I also create fanworks for other things, which you can always find on my AO3 works page. Currently, almost all my vids are available for downloading at my vids site, but that's likely to go away in 2019. Get 'em while they're sorta hot! I'd like to post more meta stuff, but I'm still really confused by the image hosting here and how to post pics that aren't enormous and force people to scroll sideways. So that might be a while.
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I've had back to back to back work, but at least managed to get out to see Captain Marvel, which was...okay, I guess (will have more of an opinion after I see it once more next week), and Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse again at the second run theatre. It was great to see the latter again and not have the disgusting, horrible girl and her mother who came in late to it the first time I saw it, and ruined the entire thing. Otherwise, it's mostly been nose to the grindstone, except for having the chance to finally see The Expanse season 3, which I loved most of. Ugh, Drummer, I want to marry her and devote myself to her.

I'm trying to give myself a break in between pages and tumblr's just so dead these days, so I thought I'd do this fun meme I saw on [personal profile] musesfool's page a while ago.

"If your fic were an album, what would the track list be?"

I don't use song lyrics for all my titles, but I have used them, or poems, a few times, so it might already be songs anyway.

1. The popular, catchy one: Your 21st-Century Boy (Captain America, Steve/Bucky), which is appropriate, I guess, since the title's a play on T Rex's 20th Century Boy and it's a comment fic about Bucky not having any of your gendered marketing bullshit.

2. The obscure early one no one bought at the time: These Things Do Not Remember You (The Professionals, Bodie/Doyle) - This wss written for a zine long before internet fic was a thing, so right there you have a limited audience, and I never heard much about it at the time. Over the years, though, I began to hear more things from people, and even got a few comments when I posted it to AO3. None of that's surprising, since it was a death story.

3. The "experimental" one, written when you were possibly on some substance: Assumption (Buffy, Spike/Buffy) - this one's easy because I was actually experimenting with this one: prose poetry, and meter and punctuation. Buffy getting spit out of heaven and Spike taking care of her seemed like a good way to do that, and despite how pretentious it all is, I think the story itself qua story turned out well.

4. The slushy one: I have no idea what this means, but I guess I'll try to think of it sonically, in that feedback, grungy way, which still makes it hard to pinpoint a fic. I guess maybe Mercy Street, which was an Angel the Series fic about Dana the slayer seeking redemption from Spike after the episode "Damage."

5. The brash, loud one, mid album: I can't remember how this started (but I can tell you exactly how it ends) (Captain America, Steve/Bucky) - I suppose just because time loop and it was a different way to get Bucky back to himself.

6. The one born of your depressive introspection: The Gift of Forgetfulness (Pacific Rim) - Definitely born of the sadness and grief of years of losing people, and about my fascination with the Drift being akin to twinship.

7. The bitter one about your ex/former manager/cat: Save my life and I'll save yours (Captain America, Steve/Bucky) - My attempt at making the shitshow of Civil War make better sense. The story itself isn't bitter, but I sure was.

8. The one only you like, you insular weirdo: Tonight, I Dream in Technicolor (Captain America) - I mean, there's a couple people who liked it, but it always bummed me out that it bombed so bad just because I thought it was a really cool and unusual idea.

9. The genre-hopping crossover hit: There Must Be a Joke in Here Somewhere (The Middleman/Captain America) - I mean, this is the default since I only have a couple crossovers and the other two aren't really genre-hopping at all, mixing up Steve and Bucky with Wendy and the Middleman is the only one that plays with the conventions of both canons and mixes it up.

10. The one where you tried to be "modern": The Fire Ships (Captain America) - I don't know that this is something you can really extrapolate to fanfiction, but...I guess then I'd just say this second-person look at the events on the helicarrier through the Winter Soldier's eyes.

11. The anthemic final track: Don't Wait Up for Me (Captain America, Steve/Bucky) - I had a tough time deciding this because that's not a writing style I have used much, but Bucky getting closure for himself I guess is a little Born to Run.
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This is a cute meme swiped from [personal profile] killabeez that might be a fun way to squeeze some positivity out of things.

I currently have 179 works posted on AO3. Choose a random number—no peeking!—between 1 and 179 inclusive (where 1 is the first work ever posted and 179 is the latest), and I will tell you three things I currently like about that work.

(Obviously higher numbers will give you the stuff from my descent into MCU madness...)
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I'm jealous of all the folks getting to see Captain Marvel right away. With a book due on Wednesday and the usual ridiculous deadlines this publisher gives me, there's no way I could go before Thursday. Good thing I love spoilers.

This is never my favorite time of year, especially when I have work. The anniversary of my sister's death was the 5th and it's always a struggle, still, forever I suppose. It's never really helped by being in Southern California for Escapade, because everything reminds me of her so acutely: the birds of paradise blooming, the sunshine, jacaranda trees and hibiscus plants, eight-lane roads and U-turns, the California license plates. I always feel as though I'll turn around and she'll be there.

The con itself was okay, mostly good because I got to spend time with some favorite people. I got my In-N-Out Burner fix with [personal profile] dorinda on Thursday, which was great. There were definitely some things I didn't enjoy about the con, like listening to assholes shit on something I helped a friend make, but having melina sob on me over Dream helped balance that out a little. I'd forgotten she hadn't seen it at Vividcon. The Captain America panel was okay, I guess, it's always hard for me to tell about these things. But people seemed happy to talk about Cap fandom and whether it's the end of the line, and it was good to see familiar faces there.

Things were a little iffy with my Stucky AU Big Bang story, my first artist disappeared completely before posting date, and then it was three days before I even had one single comment (she eventually showed up, but at least I had a great second artist for posting day). Then I signed up for the Captain America Reverse Big Bang, mostly so I could see the art because last year's experience left such a bad taste in my mouth, and I...accidentally signed up for the wrong art. ::hands:: I have sort of numbers dyslexia for a few number combinations, and I have no idea why, but I thought "well, I'll put in some selections for art and won't get them, so then I'll just drop out and call it good" because I really wasn't sold on participating. But somehow I transposed numbers in my head and now I have a pairing that I've never even thought of. The art is really lovely, though, and [personal profile] cesperanza was throwing out some really great idea possibilities, so hopefully I can come up with 5k for this pretty art. (And fortunately the artist is flexible about gen or slash, so I don't necessarily have to write a romantic relationship for the two characters.) This is so totally the sort of thing that happens to me, though.

I read a fantastic article about a new book about historical gay Brooklyn, and the book sounds great (Walt Whitman cruising the Navy Yard!), so if you're writing historical Steve and Bucky or just interested, there's a link at my tumblr here.
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The Smart Set (45336 words) by gwyneth rhys, revuko
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Captain America (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel 616
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers
Characters: James "Bucky" Barnes, Steve Rogers, Peggy Carter, Natasha Romanov, Sam Wilson, Howard Stark, Sharon Carter, Nick Fury, Maria Hill, Pvt. Lorraine (Marvel), Rebecca Barnes
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - 1950s, Alternate Universe - Desk Set (movie), Computers, Reference Librarianing, Office Romance, Minor Sharon Carter/Steve Rogers, Period Typical Attitudes, Slow Burn, Let's Get You Out of Those Wet Things

Bucky Barnes, a methods engineer at Stark Industries, is tasked with bringing their new computing machines to the Federal Broadcasting Company. While he studies the inner workings of the TV network’s bustling reference department, Bucky finds himself increasingly attracted to intelligent, handsome, and charming department leader Steve Rogers, who’s suspicious of Bucky’s explorations and questions. Steve is also a little annoyed to realize he’s attracted to Bucky. The two men do have a lot in common: they’re both traumatized World War II veterans, whip-smart, interested in all the same things, and keeping mysterious secrets. There are just a few problems: Steve appears to be in love with a rising executive named Sharon, and Bucky feels certain he’s met Steve before—and he just might uncover what Steve’s been hiding from the world.

I've never written a true AU before--this is based on the 1957 movie Desk Set, with Bucky in the Spencer Tracy role and Steve in Katharine Hepburn's. It was made for the Stucky AU Big Bang, and has a really lovely version of the original movie poster, possibly more art to come.
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I wasn't sure I'd be able to go to Escapade this year because my usual travel partner wasn't going, but I did find a roomie and so I bought a plane ticket--unfortunately right before all the financial stuff came down hard on me and boy did I regret that, but it's nonrefundable, so. I'm glad the hotel has a huge breakfast buffet, because I think I can stock up on stuff for the day and they also have refigerators in each room, so I can kind of scam my way through (as well as make the very long walk to In-N-Out Burger, because OMG I love INOB like crazy and it's cheap, too).

It also meant I didn't put in any suggestions for panels, but I ended up doing a write-in alt track panel for Cap fandom once I knew I could go (also, jeez, snowmageddon here made me really nervous that I'd never make it to the airport; here's hoping we don't get any more snow). It was kind of difficult to deal with the signup form, so the only day I could see available was Friday at the lunch hour--which means it may not be well attended, but if you're interested in talking Cap fandom specifically (as opposed to the Saturday panel with a wider focus on phase 4), I'd love to have you join me:

Friday, Feb. 22, Noon-1 p.m., Marina del Rey room

Captain America MCU: The End of the Line
Captain America fandom has taken a lot of hits lately: we didn’t even get a real third Cap movie, the Cap Family barely existed in Infinity War, and the end of Chris Evans’s contract means Steve Rogers as we know him in the MCU has left the building after A4--and a lot of fans are convinced Steve will in fact be killed off. Will Cap fandom wither and die the way most closed canons do, or will things like the Bucky and Sam streaming series and the comics help keep it alive in some form? Can we keep the Cap love alive?

Featuring me, your hostess.
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A while ago, when AO3 started allowing people to make their own collections, I remember something about people collecting works and then deleting the collections would make your own fic disappear, and it was suggested we set our requirements to "must ask" before adding to a collection. Which I did--I don't recall why that was an issue, or if it was ever resolved, because it wasn't something that I figured would ever affect me, but I got a request to add a fic to someone's Stucky collection recently but wasn't sure if that was a good idea or not. The FAQ info about collections is woefully outdated and doesn't include personal ones, or information about this issue.

If you allow someone else to add your fic to their collection, and then they later delete that collection, will it still delete your fic too? Or has that been fixed?
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For once, the predicted snowpocalypse is in fact a snowy apocalypse--over 8 inches and counting. I couldn't sleep last night because I was so worried about a tree limb falling on something, anything: power lines, the garage, my house, another plant. As it is I might lose the main part of my lilac bush, which is about 70 years old, and I'm not sure how much more the black bamboo can handle. It's scary af because there's more expected, but no one is saying it's going away at any point, and temperatures are hovering around freezing every day. Multiple snowstorms are expected.

And hey, hi, I haven't been around much since I finished the 31 flavors recs. To be honest, I probably won't be as much as I used to: between the awful discussions about money that have made me feel like I'm some sort of sleazy scam artist for being in a financial crisis right now and having a ko-fi account; the backlash about people wanting control over their posts; my inability to understand this where-fandom's-going-next stuff; and most of all, feeling like I can't trust my own community of fans because they're scraping decades-old personal shit from journals and posting it and bullying anyone who takes issue with it being on fanlore (seriously fuck fanlore to hell, they're violating the very community they're pretending to be about documenting), I just...don't feel like fandom's a fun place right now. And really, it doesn't matter--I have never felt more like what is the point of working so hard on things, about loving fandom, when no one even sees me.

Existential crisis: it's what's for dinner.

On a work note, I just finished a really weirdly written book that I thought for sure was a new author; turns out she's published a few books. I was just O.o . None of the basic mechanical things that current publishing standards require, like section breaks or clear POV shifts, random time jump whiplash, no dialog tags. But I'm sure it wasn't intentionally ominiscient narrative. Seriously, there are so few dialog tags even I, a professional reader, couldn't easily follow.

Read more... )
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I made it! 31 different recs (well, 32, because Selfie got a twofer) in 31 different fandom flavors! And not one of them was Stucky! I wasn't sure I could make it, because I'm so behind in my reading of everything and watching vids and just...all the things, but I did. Hopefully, a few people found something new to them they enjoyed checking out.

Prove It On Me (Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries)
Summary: Mac is a swanky, dapper lesbian.

This is a delightful Festivid for the wonderful Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries character of Mac, Phryne's BFF and a big old lesbian doctor with the most wonderfully acerbic wit. I haven't finished watching MFMM (I know! What's wrong with me!) but I asked if I needed to have seen all the eps, and was advised I didn't need to--so if you've only seen one or two, or are just osmotically familiar with the character, go forth and watch. It's set to Ma Rainey's old song, and couldn't be a better fit.

Flourish by [ profile] cookiegirl (A Quiet Place, 2834 words, G)
Summary: The first winter.

I usually read fanfic at night before I go to sleep, since I read all day for work. I ended up having serious Quiet Place dreams after reading this--not quite screaming nightmares, but creepy and sinister, like the movie, and I can't even recall ever having a fic influence my dreams. This captures the feel of the movie, the loving family relationship, the grief, the fear, really well, and has a lot of details I wouldn't even have thought about in terms of how they'd survive the unique challenges of winter. I don't want to oversell the creepy factor, because this is a really sweet story with such genuine humanity.
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Atomic Secrets (Atomic Blonde, Wonder Woman, 1119 words, G) by [ profile] marcelo
Summary: No operation ever goes as expected, but no operation ever went so "not as expected" as this one.

This is a brilliant crossover with two warrior women, from Lorraine Broughton's point of view. The last line's a killer, but there's a lot of other good ones too.
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Two Festivid recs, one from this year and one from last year:

Elevation (The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne)
Summary: You make me feel like I can fly.

I was genuinely surprised to see this microscopically small fandom on the list this year. If you enjoy steampunk and lots of great 19th century action stuff, I think you could watch this without necessarily knowing the fandom.


they're good dogs Brent [VID](We Rate Dogs) by [ profile] bessyboo, [ profile] Platinumvampyr
Summary: h*ckin good dogs.

I doubt there's anyone who didn't see this last year, but just in case, this celebrates the dogs of the We Rate Dogs twitter account, and it's adorable.
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Well, this has been...a day. I woke up this morning to an email from the person doing the new meta fandom newsletter--which I sort of had read about, but not really paid attention to but thought it was very cool that someone was doing--asking if I had a linking policy, because they'd posted about a fanlore post of one my old LJ entries and a couple commenters had mentioned that it might be good to check with me about it.

I've never formulated any kind of policy because I'm a no-name fan and to be honest, I don't really pay attention to these sorts of things, not to mention that I hardly ever lock my posts, and I wasn't even sure what the post in question was. (And I want to make it very clear before I get into this longer thing that I have no issue with the meta fandom newsletter person, I appreciate her thoughtfulness and willingness to work with me.) But I went to the metafandom journal, and found the post, and started reading through the comments, and got kind of upset. I didn't even know what post this was talking about, because she'd kindly taken the link down while waiting to hear from me, but I started to grok from some of the kind of mocking comments that it was a personal rant about entitled kids these days.

From 2006. That someone on fanlore called mrs. potato head put up last fucking year, with absolutely no context or background. And never once asked me about, even though I'm still active in fandom and they could easily have written to me on LJ or in PMs. And the thing is, I was very upfront that I was writing a personal rant (I still haven't gone back to look at the post, I simply don't have time), but the fanlore person basically used so many excerpts and pejorative content descriptions that I don't need to, it seems like most of the post is there, along with a bunch of comments, many of which I think the commenters would be as upset as I was to find them there. I wrote that post in the assumption that it was my personal journal that I was making a personal rant about fandom in, and I wrote it less than a year after my fucking TWIN SISTER DIED, and after the death of a fandom friend whose absence I was keenly feeling at the Escapade con.

I was a really different person in 2006 from what I am in 2018 and 2019. I've changed a lot in 13 years, and fandom has changed, and really, the Internet has changed. Back then, LJ was the primary game in town, and the way we interacted with it was different from how we interact with tumblr. I've been profoundly affected by my sister's death, my friends' deaths, knowing the people I know now. It never would have occurred to me that someone would be combing through my LJ, which I don't even use anymore because of the whole Russia thing, looking for posts I made about fandom and culling them to post in completely contextless history posts, opening me up to attack or ridicule when someone else finds them and links to them.

And I'll restate--I have nothing against the idea of keeping fannish histories about meta posts, or linking to them in a kind of historical way. I think documenting fannish history is vital, and it's one reason I was active on fanlore when it first started (I have lots of reasons for not staying active, but this is sort of one of them). And I'm really glad they thought I had something of interest to link to! One of the comments was from [personal profile] kore, pointing out how uncomfortable she'd be if a personal vent she'd made 13 years ago in her own space after the death of a friend was linked to without making sure it was okay. I really appreciated that, because the me 13 years ago was such a different person, and that was a time when we weren't really locking things a lot, or at least, in my sector, we weren't. And again, there was no context for this fanlore post, nothing that explains why it's there.

But the thing is, not every single piece of fandom meta has historical value. (I hear the archivists yelling NO! Samuel Pepys! All those old APA zines and newsletters and stuff! How would we know what the daily life of fans were like otherwise or what the hot topics were! I hear that, but again, sometimes we're not writing these things wanting them to survive in a time capsule. Sometimes it's personal venting, sometimes it's us trying to work stuff out, and we don't want them to survive.) I wasn't given a choice by the fanlore person. They never asked me, hey, I'm going to comb (stalk) through your LJ that you don't even use anymore and take so many excerpts from this ancient rant of yours that I might as well publish the whole thing, and I'm going to open you up for ridicule in the future, and also the people who left comments who might be horrified by language they used casually back then they'd never ever use today, and I'm going to do this 12 years after the fact for no particular reason, 'kay? All they had to do was PM me, so I could have ruminated on that, and looked at the post, and then maybe said, hm, you know, not okay, I didn't remember a single thing about that post and it was from a bad time. And I could have gone back and locked it.

I'm upset that the fanlore person picked this crap to post 12 years after the fact--like, WTF?--and now I have to, at a time when I'm absolutely swamped, deal with all of this and don't really have the spoons or the time. It took me a long time to unravel this morning. And I could have said, hey, you know, I have a number of nicely aged, oaky, pleasant vintage rants about fandom that don't have that unpleasant terroir of grief and misery and unhappiness. Shit, I have a vertitable SMORGASBORD of ancient ranty meta posts that people could ridicule me over, do you prefer a booth or a table?

But I didn't get that chance. I knew nothing about the fanlore post till today, and I don't have time to search out how many other posts this person might have culled from my goddamn LJ that I don't use anymore and they never bothered to ask me about. And now they're forcing me to a) spend the time coming up with some kind of links policy (which, I'm old skool, I've always believed that public posts are public and people can do what they want up till now) and b) trying to decide how to handle locking in a journal I don't even use--do I lock down the whole thing, which means people can't access the public posts like vids and fic or do I have to invest the ridic amount of time to read through nearly two decades of postings to find the individual ones I'd never have wanted to be made historical documents in freaking 2019?

I'm not thrilled at being forced by someone else's lack of thoughtfulness to do something, but now I have to. And I have to see what other things fanlore might have there that'll surprise or piss me off. Not everything is a historical document, not everything we've done as fans was created with the intention of surviving more than a dozen years to be discussed like it's something new and noteworthy. Sometimes, we're happy to let things die in the past--that's okay. There's lots still that could live on. I don't really want that thing to be my legacy, or lots of other things--there's plenty of better stuff for a legacy. I could have even pointed that out, if they'd bothered to ask, and I might even dig some of it up and see if the meta newsletter person would be interested, since I sort of caused them a lot of bother today.

The changes I've gone through in 13 years, a lot of them have come from wounds and scars and loss, but you know, that's life. Hopefully, I'll be here in another 13 years, and I have no idea what fandom will look like then, but I really hope that we don't have to fear the stuff we say now coming back to haunt us or that we can't control our own spaces. I love fandom, I love its history, but I hope we don't forget in our efforts to document that history that individual people are the ones behind it.
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I'm a few days behind--life's been...not terrific.

Bucky Bear and Pizza Dog (Together, They Fight Crime) (A-Babies vs. X-Babies, 1146 words, G) by [ profile] Odsbodkins
Summary: For Yuletide - what if Bucky Bear was a robotic teddy bear designed by Stark Industries?
There's a robotic Bucky Bear lost in the city, but fortunately Pizza Dog is there to save the day.

I accidentally stumbled on the previous A-Babies fic in Yuletide the other day, and was charmed to reread all of them. This one is really unusual for the fandom, and a delightful look at Bucky Bear and Lucky the pizza dog together.


Living in Oz (13 Going on 30, 1245 words, T) by [ profile] misura
Summary: Jenna vs. the horrible, no-good future. (She's got this. Totally.)

I absolutely adore this movie, but had somehow never thought to look for fic for it, and stumbled on older stuff too--this one is a lovely look at Jenna's concern that she could have created a butterfly effect for the future by knowing what happened.


The Actress and the Inventor (Captain America, 1271 words, G) by [ profile] Orangistae
Summary: In walks the most beautiful dame Howard’s ever seen, and he’s seen a few. Glossy black curls, long-lashed blue eyes, creamy pale skin, a regular Snow White, if Snow White had the legs of a pin-up. Howard lets out a low whistle. “Honey, has anyone ever told you you should be in pictures?”
***A bit of fluff about Howard Stark and awesome RL actress/inventor Hedy Lamarr.

When I was writing Celluloid Hero, I went looking to see if anyone had done fic with Hedy Lamarr before, and found this charming little story about Howard meeting Hedy when she's doing USO shows with Steve. He responds to her in true Howard Stark fashion.
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Side Effects May Include (Selfie, 3828 words, E) by [ profile] scioscribe
Summary: “I’ll be blunt,” Saperstein said. “The released powder appears to be having some unintended side effects. We saw the signs in the lab at first, and soon we’re going to be seeing them up here. Damn this fully-functioning ventilation system!” He paused. “I regret to inform you all that the KinderKare building is about to become a love shack, as chronicled in the song ‘Love Shack.’”

Of all the tropes I never thought I'd ever be interested in, sex pollen was right up there at the top of the list, and I blame Cap fandom for making me actually interested in it. I also never really expected to read anything in Selife, because I loathed the pilot episode so much, it was such a traumatic watch, but my friends who loved it convinced me to give the series a shot as they promised it got much better (spoiler: it did, very much). This story has all the elements that made it a fun show, especially the humor aspects, and it's got some laugh out loud lines, as well as being a very in-character exploration of Eliza and Henry when faced with sex pollen.

(I couldn't decide between this or the other Selfie fic minim calibre got for Yuletide, so have a bonus rec of the zombie apocalypse, Sefie style: TEOTWAWKI by [ profile] hbthomas. I totally believe that Henry would see finding out his house has a bomb shelter under it as a logistical challenge and make most doomsday preparers look like amateurs.)
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Today, I have two very different sort of recs, because fandom is my fandom and I love how creative and interesting people can be. (This is for yesterday and today.)

Invisible Man links. This is a really cool post from [personal profile] arduinna where she talks about updating a comprehensive listing of fanworks for the show Invisible Man, in light of a rewatch someone has organized for the series. A lot of my friends were seriously into IM/I-Man fandom (oh how things have changed, since most people see IM these days and think Iron Man), and I just love the fact that something like this exists and wish some of my older fandoms had a resource like this and someone who cared enough to update things. If you think you might be into checking it out, start with this post, and join the rewatch, linked in the post.

If you're a vidder or vid fan, [personal profile] trelkez has organized a cool challenge to Make a Vidshow Using Only Your Own Vids. Basically, it's a chance for vidders to curate their own work by a theme they want to, and obviously vid fans would get to reap the rewards of seeing a vidshow of works chosen by the artist themselves. I'm not sure if I'll have time to do something for the deadline, but I kinda love the idea--vidders especially don't get to have much of a response to their works, or blow their own horns. I really hope my fellow vidders will participate, or if you know someone who vids, prod them to join!
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The eclipse is still ongoing, but the big part of the event is over, and wow, what an eclipse! It was worth freezing my nips off. I saw a shooting star while I was admiring the stars around the moon shortly before it was completely covered. Sigh. I'm a happy stargazer.

For 31 flavors, have comics Bucky and Tony!

Tony Stark and the Mysterious Marksman (Marvel Noir and 616, 18,510 words, T) by [personal profile] sineala
Summary: The year is 1943, and the war is swinging into an unexpected front: the Allies need to get their hands on every magical item they can find before someone else does. There's no one more qualified for the job than Tony Stark, former adventurer for Marvels magazine. When Nick Fury sends him on his latest mission, Tony finally gets the chance to work with Captain America... and the guy won't stop extolling the wonders of his partner, some kid called Bucky. But when Tony gets back to base, he meets someone even better than the Bucky of Cap's stories: an enigmatic -- and incredibly handsome -- marksman by the name of James Barnes.

In the MCU, I can't imagine anything more NOTP for me than winteriron, but in comics, especially Marvel Noir Tony, I guess I'm game on. I found this really charming, a great way to fill in the art that was created for the Cap Reverse BB a couple years ago. I liked how they got together in this, the respect they have for each other, and it's a super fun adventure for a backdrop. (You don't need to know Noir comics, if you haven't read them, as sineala's notes give you the background. Obligatory disclaimer: I had the privilege of beta'ing this.)
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No Colors Anymore (Vantablack Pigment Feud RPF, 465 words, G) by [ profile] neveralarch
Summary: Anish Kapoor kicked it up a notch. Stuart's ready to match him.

Honestly, both the entries in this fandom this year were cute, but I thought I'd rec this one since a lot of times the Madness stories don't get as much attention. This has a delightfully ridiculous solution to staying relevant in the artist feud (and if you're not familiar with the war between these two artists over pigment paints, this has lots of handy dandy links inside it.)
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Two movies from this year, both in Yuletide

Heavy (Annihilation, 2820 words, G) by [ profile] mautadite
Summary: Failure suggests purpose, and if you were ever given one, beyond “find Lena”, then you have forgotten it.

This reverse chronology story looks at the events that led to Kane's "return" in the movie. Like the movie, it's weird and spooky and haunting.

The Bamboo Bridge (Crazy Rich Asians, 5516 words, G) by [ profile] jehane
Summary: The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists.

This looks at Eleanor's thoughts about Rachel and what she "won" at the mahjongg game, and the friendship between Rachel and Astrid that changes into something else, and features so many fascinating cultural and location details that I had to frequently pause to look things up (which I love).
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Yay, it's More Joy Day! I'm mostly just working, so not really any chance to spready joy. To counter that, I made a pretty poppy peppy playlist to share. It's not, like, a work of staggering genius but I hope you enjoy it.

Apparently, Dreamwidth won't let me embed it, sigh. This site...I just can't even.

You can find it here on Spotify
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Carved Our Love in the Mountainside (Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, 1,738 words, T) by [ profile] burglebezzlement
Summary: Bethany and Martha, after Jumanji.

This is a really charming post-movie story of Bethany and Martha discovering a new relationship.


I finished writing my Stucky AU Big Bang! I wasn't sure I could squeak it out, but I did, though my god my hands hurt. I know no one will want to read 45k of Desk Set AU--how I managed to get that many words out of what's essentially a rom-com is beyond me, but I guess that's what happens when you add in lots of stuff about canon history and PTSD for soldiers and 1950s politics and social commentary.

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