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Hello, my Festividding friend! This is my first year participating, though I am a looooong-time vidder. So I am very excited about this! As you can probably tell from my grotesque overuse of exclamation points!

I honestly don't have a lot to add to my information on the fandoms that I haven't already included in the details. I hope that the information about music ideas or the kinds of things I like in that fandom will be helpful, but most importantly, I hope you will have fun and put your squee for the fandom in the vid. That's what will make both of us happy! I am excite!

Some stuff about me and vids and my fandoms in case you want it )
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I nominated a bunch of things for Festivids; this pretty much means I'm participating, which could be really bad because things are not going well with my dad at all and I'm drowning in work, plus there's Yuletide, but I'm going to give it the old college try anyway.

I nommed:

Miami Vice
The Middleman
Catch and Release
Charlie Jade
La Femme Nikita (USA series)
Prison Break
The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension
The Jacket

I was genuinely surprised that Prison Break had not been on the list before. And some of those... well, I'm fairly certain I will be the only one offering or asking, just as I often am in Yuletide. Especially MDs -- my slashtastic show that only seems to encompass about three people in the whole world, and only one other person who seems to know the show as well as I do (looks wistfully at [personal profile] trelkez, the only person I think who has ever made a vid for it). I did post the only episodes that seem to be out there in this post and you can DL them and get caught up in the William Fichtner/John Hannah slashy goodness (PLUS bonus Jane Lynch pre-Glee). What are you waiting for? Go. Download. I'll wait.

I would love to make or receive a really creepy sicko vid of The Jacket, too. I have an idea but haven't been able to motivate myself yet to vid it because it's so wonderfully disturbing, so this might be good for me. And oh man, if I could make or get a Prison Break vid for Lang and Mahone, I would possibly perish of happiness. I love thinking of all these things. I have been watching the movie Catch and Release a bit lately -- Tim Olyphant has never looked more beautiful. Anyway. Lots to think about.

I have this big "Fuck you you fucking fucks" TV post boiling inside me but I have to go take care of a bunch of stuff. Related to some of my shows, or shows that will never be my shows because of the fucking fuckballs who run them. Maybe later. Every time I think about these things, I get so worked up. I need to go look at shoes and post shoe pics at my Tumblr.
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I've been waiting for months for Discover magazine to put up this fantastic, utterly fascinating article on a possibly viral connection to schizophrenia (and maybe some other illnesses such as MS), and they have finally posted The Insanity Virus online.

If this pans out, it could be one of the most groundbreaking mental health developments ever. In the same magazine a few months before, they posted a long interview with the guy who discovered that almost all cases of stomach ulcers were in fact caused by a bacteria, not stress or spicy food, and the incredibly difficult battle he had convincing people of the viability of his research. I'm really curious to see where this virus thing for schizophrenia goes, and if it will have a similar resolution.

I'm sort of a ... geek about this topic, I guess, because I wanted to work with autistic children and schizophrenics when I was younger; that was my goal when I went to college, but I quickly learned I would never be a good scientist. But I've never stopped being incredibly interested in the topic; I watched the HBO movie Temple Grandin tonight, in fact, and was reminded that in the '60s, they called autism "infantile schizophrenia" and of course that was when they still blamed it on "refrigerator mothers." We've come a long way, but if there's a virus connection, that could change everything we think we know.

And even more than that, I'm watching it because of the MS connection -- the Northwest, where I live, has the highest incidence of MS anywhere, and an awful lot could be done if we can find out more about it. I was a caretaker for a woman with very advanced MS once, and it was devastating to watch; to have something we could hold on to, identify and deal with... it would make such a huge difference.

BTW, if you haven't seen Temple Grandin, I highly, highly recommend it. Claire Danes is stunning, and it moved me to tears a number of times -- including one part where she's explaining her humane slaughter ideas, where I very nearly sobbed. I've followed her career since she pretty much became known, and they did a magnificent job of translating her books and explanations of how autistic people think into an easily relatable film for people who aren't familiar with the issue. Incredible movie.

I owe a dear yuletide author letter soon, but I'm still having a funk about the whole thing since Charlie Jade the character was deleted from the Charlie Jade the fandom nomination form. It's going to take me a few days to get over my snit. I watched the first two eps with [personal profile] belmanoir the other night, and it made me feel intensely fannish for it again, and it was hard to lose that -- it's left me feeling really uninterested in participating. I'm going to have to snap out of it soon though. And man, watching CJ on the plasma... I have no idea why the hell it's taken me so long to rewatch it on the plasma hi-def, but wow, wow, wow.
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Would anyone be willing to beta a Charlie Jade vid for me? You don't necessarily have to know the show, since it's not a real story telling vid per se, but I'm sure it would help. I don't think even someone familiar with the series would be able to parse anything out of this; I think it makes sense only in my own head. It's for Club Vivid, so, you know, not a lot of attention will be paid if there's a story anyway. I would need any feedback soon, because the deadline is May 1 and I have to get a bunch of tweaking done, not to mention prep the files for transmittal.

Feeling much better today. I started doing the exercises the ear specialist had given me the last time and it seemed to help, as did the Dramamine, possibly also because I can tell it dried up some of the fluid in my ear. So after diligently doing the exercises every few hours, sleeping as upright as I could (which was not easy), and all that, so far I have not barfed today at all. I still have a lot of trouble standing from a seated or supine position, but it's not as bad as before, where I had to clutch anything nearby and walk with my hands against the walls. I've even bent over and picked up the cats, who I think they were grateful for not having to deal with that the past few days.

Blues seems to find throwing up totally fascinating when I do it. He has to get on the counter and get right there and investigate. I think he would change his mind if he ever got hit with it, but I try to swoosh him away. He just keeps coming back.
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OMG you guys. [ profile] sdwolfpup wrote me a little Charlie Jade post-ending fic for More Joy day and I didn't even know it, because stoopit LJ didn't send me any of the comment notifications for the entire post. I missed it on More Joy day, but that doesn't mean it can't be extended to today. It's a sweet little Reena and Karl thing and you should read it!

I am almost glad it came today and I saw it for the first time today because I had a particularly crappy weekend and was not feeling very joyful last week. Fortunately [ profile] mlynasked me if I wanted to go shopping on Sunday and even though my yard work is desperately behind season and the garden is a total disaster area, it helped me forget about some of the things getting me down. And then we watched Slings & Arrows, which always makes everything better, because Anna is so awesome and I wish I could be her.

When I get some more work work done and a little more marketing work done for the freelance biz, I also am going to start a new vid about Deb from Dexter, which I'm a little excited about. No con pressures, no show, just vidding for vidding. But millions more things to do till then.

In the meantime, go read SDW's More Joy schtuff!
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From [ profile] maechi, apparently Sci-Fi Channel has picked up Charlie Jade.

I just. I don't. WHAT.

They rejected it before, at least once, possibly multiple times. Enough time has passed that there's really not a second series in the picture at all, largely because the showrunners couldn't get funding, and Sci-Fi's support would have helped obtain that. But noooooo. It was too complicated. Too smart. Not appropriate for their Mansquito loving audience.

Why now? I feel like I should be excited, because maybe there will be more fans for me to play with, but... I don't know that their audience is going to embrace it, since they seem to be doing this as an afterthought. And it will be butchered -- of the language, of the violence, and the stories cut down to fit more advertising in, making them even less comprehensible than they are now. By toning down the sexuality, they'll remove a lot of what makes 01 Boxer interesting in his freaky way.

I really don't know what to think.
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We had an utterly gorgeous weekend in Ventura for Escapade this year. Smack on the beach, in the 70s, and [ profile] black_bird_777 and I had a Mitsubishi Spyder convertible that we had the top down most of the time on. I actually have a sunburn on my forehead and scalp as a souvenir because I forgot to put sunscreen on before we left for the airport.

I went to a few panels, ran one on Charlie Jade (I keep thinking I should do a pimping post for the series, but I can't imagine any people wanting to read it) that was surprisingly well attended (well, all things considered -- I expected two people, and got about ten, and considering that I was up against the one big panel I wanted to attend for the weekend on race, religion, etc. in fandom, that was a good attendance, and I was up against the Veritas pimping panel). The biggest problem, other than trying to explain the show in an introductory way (hah) was that there was only one room with a TV and dvd player, and the only country that has released Charlie Jade on DVD is Japan, so I needed a multiregion player. Fortunately, [ profile] melina123 came to my rescue, and De, who was doing the Veritas pimping panel in the TV room, was willing to switch rooms with me, so I was able to at least show the vids and show some of the first disc to the very confused audience. I was stunned that anyone came away from that wanting to know more instead of cursing me and the show.

The worst part about the con was that so many of my usual friends -- the SF crowd, especially -- weren't there, not to mention missing killabeez and elynross, and Destina and Lys, and and..., and so that was sad. But that meant at least that this year I could spend a bit more time with some folks, although I barely got to see [ profile] justacat, really mostly just long enough so that she could buy my vidding services in a non-auction auction to help pay into the con debt. I'm so excited! Yay for being owned.

I liked the hotel more than most folks, though the bathrooms were ridic and they were so stingy with towels that it became a joke for me and my roomie. I would gladly trade a train coming by all the time for the beach location and the view of hot surfer boyz and people walking their pupsters on the beach. Blackbird and I got very excited when we saw something filming on the beach near the pier on Sunday, hoping maybe it might be Fast and Furious 4, but alas it was just some bubbleheaded blonde filming her music video. Wah.

The vid show was kind of short, for a lot of reasons, most that the vidcomm talked about and figured out some plans of attack to publicize more. You can't do much in terms of vidders' lives going to hell in a handbasket, as seemed to be the case for many of our usual vidders this year, but we can do more in terms of getting out info earlier instead of waiting until con details are confirmed, etc. We all want to be more proactive, to use a buzzword I hate. The good thing was that in such a short show, I liked most of the vids. (And I would just like to say that the rumormongering about censoring a vid in the review panel is utter bullshit, and it pisses me off to see the review panel mods tarnished in this way, especially since I know Jo liked that vid a lot.) I was especially tickled that there were two, count 'em two, Professionals vids and two S&H vids in the show, although one of the S&H vids really didn't work for me because of the framing effect used. I would have liked to see that treated more as a bookend for the beginning and end of the vid, and the sepia also used as sparingly. But anyway.

I will run out of space on the vids site at some point here soon, so I'm putting my Professionals vid that premiered at Escapade up on the Circuit Archive and on my Imeem page. You can click here or watch it under the linky link here in streaming video. I literally can't watch it -- Imeem pages simply won't work for me on my Mac anymore, in any browser, and I don't know why. If I use a WindoZe laptop, they're fine. It pisses me off beyond belief.

To DL at the Professionals Circuit Archive: Broken English
Artist: Marianne Faithfull
Fandom: The Professionals
Life in the line of fire.
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Ooo, [ profile] sdwolfpup had a great TV meme today that I am gakking and filling out, because I don't want to think about things like impending joblessness and etc. I'm sure it will contain spoilers because so many people think even your opinion is a spoiler, so you are warned.

Also, there is still time to send me anonymous comments in her vidding truth meme -- you can say nice things or tan my hide, or both, and stay hidden!

TV watching memes are always fun )
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After an aborted attempt at getting together with the rest of the gang for our monthly bash, thanks to the damn snow that lasted just long enough to make it seem like it was the better part of valor to head home, I wasted my evening making icons. I know Charlie Jade hasn't exactly developed a fandom despite interest in the series, and I am in no way an artist (nor do I have a high quality graphics program), but I still like to make icons for the show. It's just so very pretty. (I don't know why, but stupid LJ won't let me make it two columns today no matter what I do.)

More Charlie Jade icons prolly no one wants but I can't stop myself from making )
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ZOMG, you guys! [ profile] strangefandom Stranger in a Strange Fandom (a community where people watch certain vids of fandoms they don't know, and then post their synposes of what they think the fandom is about based on the vids), has posted their latest round of strange fandoms, and two vids I worked on are included. And they are so fun and interesting to read!!

They used I Remember, the Charlie Jade vid [ profile] feochadn and I made, and [ profile] keiko_kirin's wild Lack, for the Charlie Jade signup, and they also had one for Keen Eddie, with my Too Bad, one of the funnest vids I ever made. The vids are linked at the communities above, and it probably helps to watch the vids if you haven't seen them, just to understand what the strangers who write the synopses are looking at. Some of them are just so funny. There were ten (!!!) strangers synposizing the vids for Charlie Jade, and OMG, I had tears in my eyes from laughing. It's amazing what people come up with -- watermelon drinks! drains in the ocean! yay! Really, I just could not be happier, and I can't wait to see who wrote them.

And the Keen Eddie ones are great at picking up the tone of the series (although, sniff, someone called Monty Fugly Guy, which hurts my Monty-lovin' heart -- see icon), and I can't believe eight people were willing to write the synopses.

This really came at a good time -- I've got a cold, I'm depressed (it's November, I hate it now), I'm lonesome without my sister, and I needed such a pick me up. You Stranger mods, you are my heroes. Thank you so much for allowing me to participate.

And the rest of you, go read! Fun! There are a bunch of other fandoms, too, and I can't wait to read the rest of the synposes.
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Last week in the previews for Life, they showed Jeffrey Pierce (Charlie's actor) in a couple of clips, so it looks like he will be in tonight's episode. And he was in Journeyman last week, looking mighty hot as a DB Cooper-type character. He's not listed as being a guest star by TiVo on Life tonight, but I slo-mo'd through the preview a couple times and that was definitely him.

Damn, I wish they'd give him a show. He's a) hot and b) good (although for some people who only saw him on The Nine, pretty scary as a bad guy), and I wish there was a way to see more of him than just one small thing.
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For those of you who haven't found methods yet for obtaining episodes of Charlie Jade, the incredible series [ profile] feochadn and I made our VVC premieres vid for, she's got new torrent info and also has volunteered to make discs for those who can't torrent. The discs will be high quality avi files, I believe. See her post here for info.

You want to do this, trust me! It's worth it. Just last night we were watching it and all deeply admiring Charlie's actor's crying skills. He is a perfect man-crier.

I was very bummed that ABC, those craphounds, pulled The Nine again after promising to let us see the rest of the episodes. Jeffrey Pierce, Charlie's actor, was in it, and it was cool to see him play the thug after having seen him in CJ. This guys needs a show.
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Flummery once called me that because I made so many vids one year, and I feel that way with these four Vividcon premieres. Making the vids themselves, I think, is easy, but the capturing and encoding and crap... that's the hard part. All these links go to the same place right now, my main vids site page.

From the premieres show
I Remember
streaming here
Fandom: Charlie Jade
Artist: REM (I Remember California)
File: QT Divx 38MB
Three worlds, one hope... except he can't get there from here.

From the challenge show for the theme: faith
Well Well Well
Fandom: Firefly
Artist: Ben Harper and the Blind Boys of Alabama
File: QT Divx 20MB
Faith isn't always belief.

From Club Vivid, the dance vids show
Ready Steady Go
streaming here
Fandom: Multimedia
Artist: Paul Oakenfold
File: QT Divx 36MB
Street legal.

Flash Dance
streaming here
Fandom: La Femme Nikita
Artist: Deep Dish
File: QT Divx 33MB
He's the kind of guy who thinks he's smart.

The site is still password protected. User: gwyn PW: cymru

It should go without saying, but somehow vidders still need to say it: ANY kind of feedback gratefully received.

I sincerely doubt anyone's interested in exposition on the Charlie Jade vid (two years in the making! sort of!), but if you are, I can write up a bit about it than is in my previous posts about the series.
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I wasted an enormous amount of time tonight making Charlie Jade icons. I don't even have enough slots for all these, but I made them anyway. If the five people who know the show want any of them, please feel free to take. I am not much of an icon maker, but every once in a while something jazzes me enough to make them on my own, even with my extremely limited (Mickey Mouse) resources.

Charlie Jade icons )
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Hey, all my ... five Charlie Jade friends... Something to amuse you. I've been capturing screen grabs from La Femme Nikita for a mood theme that [ profile] mlyn is going to help me make, and I discovered two young, sweet things in the background.

I knew 01's actor was in an episode in a decent role, but I was surprised to see Reena's actor in the background of a fight that Michael has with ... the Groosalugg! I swear, LFN is a wingding of spot the actorness. First there are all the Due South and other refugees, and pretty much all the eastern side Canuck actors, but then all these other folks pop up from other series you never expect to see. Like Groo.

Pics - I wonder who else is in the background? )
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The vid [ profile] feochadn and I made for the Vividcon premieres show is to an incredily obscure fandom, Charlie Jade (no, you don't get to see it till after the show). It was a Canadian/South African co-production (yes, believe me, I know how weird that sounds) featuring a number of Canadian, American, and South African actors, and probably people from elsewhere -- it's so sprawlingly multiculti that it's almost hard to define all the different aspects. It's also the best science-fiction/noir/speculative fiction/cyberpunk/whatever you want to call it series you will never get to see. Unfortunately it ran for only one season on a lone Canadian channel and in a few other parts of the world; the only place you can get DVDs right now is Japan (which I was more than happy to pop for, even though I can't read the menus!).

One of the many, many wonderful aspects you won't get to enjoy unless you can DL the episodes that will soon be appearing online (koff, really, I know nothing about this... it's just a rumor I've heard) or come to my house or visit [ profile] keiko_kirin, who has the only other CJ vid I know of, is the incredible music by FM LeSieur. I've been trying to find out if he has made this music available, but what little I can find in English (he's French Canadian, I believe) doesn't look like it.

The series is so stunningly gorgeous I almost don't know how to pimp it to people other than to show them bits. It's just... it's magnificent. And it is packed to the gills with characters and storylines, but the visuals are never a flashy way of getting around the plot or anything like you so consistently see in American TV. It reminds me a great deal of Life on Mars in that the series has a distinct style and tone, and it's often breathtaking, but never at the expense -- or to divert your attention away if something is lacking -- of the people whose stories it is telling.

I did find LeSieur's official site, and he has a clip of the music he created for a scene from Charlie Jade (you may have to scroll to the far right, and click View on the "Charlie Jade prison scene"). Charlie is explaining something to a friend he loves but who, because of him, is in prison. You can also find a little taste of the series here, though the site is woefully out of date because the series was live then. The two main actors in the series did a tour trying to drum up interest in it and for a possible second season, but of course, that hasn't materialized, and good old Sci-Fi Channel, always determined to cater to the lowest common denominator and who are convinced that BSG is the epitome of smart and edgy TV, turned it down. I can only hope Jo's and my vid will do the series justice and possibly drum up some interest; ever since I found out about this series from macha at Tea at the Ford, I've been gaga for it and I feel like I need to become an evangelist and wander the wilderness, preaching it.

In other news, I've been adding and uploading and all manner of things at Imeem. If you see me suddenly commenting on older vids or something, it's because I have pretty much ignored the site completely since I opened it. I just am not totally convinced there's any point to it, but since I don't do much with it, I figured I'd get more linky and see if that helps. I doubt it will. It seems as if it's more of the same -- if you're not a BNV or in the superpopular fandoms du jour, you're just treading water in the same way you are with a regular site. As a way to share vids more and get the product out there to more people, it doesn't appear to me to have any advantages.

But I'll upload this week the Professionals vids that [ profile] justacat has been remastering for the Media Cannibals, and probably put a few other vids up. I'm not sure if quantity or who you're connected to matters more, and I wish there were better ways to organize one's own content throughout. It seems so counterintuitive, most of the time. One improvement, though, is that they finally allow you to delete spam and chain letter content and all that other bullshit. That was a tad depressing -- although apparently you still can't remove tags other nimrods put on your videos.

And now, I realize, I desperately need some Charlie Jade icons. He has such exquisite man-pain, does Charlie, that there should be plenty to work with.

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