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I wrote a scene in my recent fic Don’t Wait Up for Me where Bucky’s kind of almost half-dancing around the room and Sam asks him to teach him some of his old dance moves. In my head it was Little Red Corvette. 1999. All the Prince songs that are full of such joie de vivre that you can’t help but move to them, all on one of Sam’s favorite playlists.

I cannot really believe that he’s gone. We keep losing all these artists who have made such a difference in our lives, brought us so much joy and insight and beauty. 
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Kind of mired in the usual post-Vividcon sense of worthlessness and failure, watching the vids sink into the black holes like they usually do. I kinda thought this year I might have made a couple vids that more than a few people would like, but not so much. Though the auction vid was the one I worried over most at the beginning, because you always want that to be what the person who paid for it likes, and I was so lucky that killa loved the vid I made for her. And it's cool that some people were intrigued by the visuals and want to seek the movie out.

It was really, really hard to come home to the house without Olive here. She usually ran away from me as fast as she could, trying to avoid being squished and kissed, and get out of the house as I struggled with my luggage, and it made me pretty weepy to not have her here. But Blues was exceptionally lovey-dovey from being alone so long, and that was a bonus. He loves being visited when I'm gone, but no one's as big a deal as I am, apparently.

I did have a great time with the wonderful [personal profile] killabeez sightseeing in Chicago and staying at a super posh hotel, and meeting up with my darling [profile] devilpiglet for dinner and crying crystalline tears over Bucky and Steve. We took a river tour focused on architecture, and that so did not disappoint. We had awesome pancakes, too, at a place I can't remember the name of, and dinner at a swell place that seemed kind of like an old speakeasy or something. I really needed the mini-vacation and it helped keep my mind off Olive a bit.

There were a couple of really amazing things that happened while I was at the con, though, that made me feel better about the vid situation. The first was that I got a surprise notification that I was listed as a co-author for a podfic of one of my stories, that I kind of love but that has never had much readership at all, Opportunities in Freelance. It was only the second time I've ever had a podfuc of a work, and I squeed so hard I think I broke myself.

[podfic] Opportunities in Freelance (41 words) by gwyneth rhys, reena_jenkins

And then, a couple days later, I got a notice that reena had also podficced Your 21st-Century Boy. I am so thrilled that someone would want to do that, and if you are at all inclined toward podfic, give them a listen, they are both lots of fun and the cover art, especially for Opportunities in Freelance, is so delightful.

[podfic] Your 21st-Century Boy (47 words) by gwyneth rhys, reena_jenkins

And then the thing that knocked me over--a few weeks ago, [ profile] auslandischwasser (thanks! fixed!) made a fanmix for the playlist that Steve listens to while running, which Sam made for him, in Things We Lost in the War. She had written to me about the story back when I posted it, and we'd got to talking about what Sam might have put on that playlist, and so Sweatin' with the Oldies was just such a joy to see. I highly recommend it, I think it really captures Steve and Bucky and Steve's mindset in the beginning of the story! (And it's both our headcanons that Sam would be a Rihanna fan.) I'd never really inspired anyone to do anything, so having a fanmix inspired by a fic was just such a thrill.

I never expected that she'd make a second one inspired by the same fic. But I got the email when I was at the con and feeling pretty down, and it just. Flail. Major Kermit arms flail. I listened to all of it on the plane, and I was in tears after I'd finished. It's really truly Things We Lost in the War in musical form. I can't figure out how to link with the cover art, but you can find my reblog of the Sing Me to Sleep fanmix here and there's a note about the track listing--one of the songs isn't available on the Spotify version. If you love Steve and Bucky, give it a listen because it's just gorgeous and perfect and wonderful and I can't believe something I did inspired something so lovely.

So yeah, those things definitely helped with the negative VVC ions. I'm even signed up now for Spotify and 8tracks.

Cool cats

Jan. 5th, 2012 02:02 pm
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Gakked from [personal profile] lithiumdoll:

1) Discover the #1 single in your country of origin in the week you were born.
2) Find it on YouTube.
3) Post it on your LJ/DW page without shame. Or for some of you, with shame.

How awesome is it that one of my favorite song/artist combinations was #1 that week?
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I'm going to see Christian Kane tonight at the Tractor Tavern in Ballard. I've never been to either before -- to see him live, or to the Tractor. Seems like his kind of place. Of course it's raining in the most miserable way and is completely shitty out. Yay. He's playing a show in Portland tomorrow, too. So close and yet so far! Which is why it's great to get a chance to see him live here -- and thanks to blackbird for pushing me on going.

I am intrigued by my Yuletide assignment. I actually have no idea which one I was matched on -- I offered two of the recipient's three fandoms, with those characters and few others, and I don't know which one was the match! It makes me curious about the algorithm -- is it more likely to match you with someone if there are two possible matches rather than just the one you're guaranteed? I mean, does it increase the odds of matching, I guess is what I'm asking, if you have two matches? I know nothing about algorithms, obviously.

I can't decide which one to write (yes, I mean, both would be great, ha ha, but I'm drowning in work and just got a new offer for a book, plus there's Festivids, so...). I've wanted to write the one for a couple years but never got matched on it before, so that's a plus; however, I've kind of forgotten the story I had in my head.
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I have been so out of it with preparing for this proofreading workshop and dealing with my dad, the contractor, and some terrible news about a friend that I hadn't even heard my beloved Clarence Clemons had had a stroke. And now today I saw in [personal profile] batdina's journal that the Big Man has passed away, and I am as devastated as if he was my own friend. I always felt like he was. There was just something about him that made you feel like, if you'd seen him in concert or had the chance to catch him at the stage door (as I did once) and say hey, you knew him and he was your best buddy.

My favorite story moments with Bruce and the E Street Band when they performed live were always the tall tales he'd spin about the Big Man. And Clarence always played that up, too. He took that natural ability to perform and used it in film, too, with appearances in some movies and a small role on The Wire.

I wrote a bit about my love for a quiet performance of Thunder Road back in November. You can hear Clarence on the triangle in it, but otherwise it's just Bruce and Roy Bittan. It was always the big blowout numbers where the Big Man shined the most. That sax has meant so much to me over the years. That great, deep voice has too. The world was sure a better place for having him in it.

Here, have a little Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out. I love that 40 years later, these guys are still doing such a great job. Every time I saw this performed, Clarence did something on the "kid you better get the picture" line, often pointing at him, or wagging his finger, or something. Damn.

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I almost forgot it was time to post my Christmas music grab-bag this year! Oy vey. These are just a small handful of things randomly selected from my rather insane collection of holiday tunage, which seems to grow ever larger thanks to Amazon's free daily DLs and the lunatunes LJ comm. It's getting almost unlistenable in that it takes so many days to get through the music, I can't listen to it all before the hols. (And when I say grab-bag, be aware that this is a mix of mp4s and mp3s.)

Pretty and short: Careful What You Wish For by Glasvegas
Trip-hoppy: Christmas Is a Feeling in Your Heart by Love Colony
Cute: Donde Esta Santa Claus by Guster
If you have only known Diahanne Carroll from her role as June in White Collar, here's a chance to hear her singing a favorite Christmas tune: Do You Hear What I Hear? by Diahanne Carroll
Another favorite from my fave contemporary Christmas album: I Celebrate the Day by Relient K
A classic, from the woman who sang "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home"): Marshmallow World by Darlene Love
If you heard Rachel sing this in her overemoting, grating style on Glee recently, wipe it from your mind with the original and still the best: Merry Christmas Darling by the Carpenters
Christmas goes a little dark: New Heart for Christmas by Kill Hannah
And a little dirgelike: Xmas Cake by Rilo Kiley

Let me know if any links don't work -- I've put these up on my vids site, so that means PLEASE RIGHT CLICK to DL.

ETA: I've tested the DLs and for some reason, I keep getting an .html extension on the songs. Can someone explain to me why that happens? If I just delete the .html, it accepts it as an .m4a or .mp3 just fine, but I don't understand why, when I put in the exact URL that should work, it won't DL correctly. I'm not very good with this short of crap, obviously. This has happened to me consistently of late with stuff on my vids site, and I don't understand it.

Let us not speak of Yuletide and stories. I am at the point of just running around and screaming. I am freaking the fuck out, y'all.
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The other day, I was talking with some of the Media Cannibals at a bash about song stories for Yuletide, and how I didn't get it. Nobody else did, either, and we were discussing the ins and outs of what you would do for a song to make it into a story. Like, I can get possibly taking an actual song that's a story and doing something with it. But your average pop song, I just don't get it. How do you make a piece of fiction out of it? Sandy mentioned "Jack and Diane" and I was saying that I could potentially see it for something like "Thunder Road," since Bruce Springsteen actually talks about Mary and her past. But is the narrator Bruce himself? Or someone else? And do you make him up, or what?

For some reason lately, "Thunder Road" has been on my mind, anyway. Maybe I should have made it a request for Yuletide. But the version that's been on my mind has been the "acoustic" version that's just him and The Professor, Roy Bittan, the piano player for the E Street Band, performed at the Roxy in 1975. I have never in my life heard such a beautiful slow version of a song before, and have never since. It's probably, I would wager to say, my favorite song in the world. If I had to pick three desert island songs, that would be my first one.

Back in the late '70s and all through the '80s, I was a Springsteen fanatic. I collected all the bootlegs, went to shows all over the Northwest, waited in line for tickets for days, that sort of thing. My friend and I had every book and magazine article ever published about him. This was in the days before personal computers, so you can imagine the letters that had to be written, stores to be combed, and phone calls to be made for that kind of fanatacism. When I first met the Cannibals, a bunch of them were traveling all over the place, following Led Zep on tour, and while I couldn't understand their passion for those guys, I totally understood the passion for a performer(s) that would take you all over the country to hear them play. And the funny thing is, despite the fact that I used to go to just about a concert a week, I've never really liked live music as much as studio discs, for the most part.

And of course, now I look back at that running around and going to clubs and think, wow, the stuff I was able to get away with in high school and early college. Parents today would never let their kids do what we did at that age. I was in high school when I discovered Springsteen, just before Born to Run made him a national figure, and I still vividly remember going to see him at the Paramount, just weeks before he made the cover of Newsweek and Time simultaneously and everyone was talking about him. It was the most amazing show, and I thought, wow, I don't know much about him, but I'm going to find out everything. The tickets were only a dollar-fifty! No one had heard of him yet.

When I first heard the bootleg of the Roxy '75 performance, I wanted to hear everything done that way, but of course, "Thunder Road" was the special song on that bootleg. It's stuck with me for decades -- until recently, I could still pull out my cassette tape and play it, and often I would just ignore the rest of the tape and play only "Thunder Road." Over and over again. The lyrics to that song still amaze me, the storytelling ability Bruce has and the unique way he creates these essential, particular images while embracing all the muscle and power of American rock and roll. It's like the musical equivalent of a performance racing car.

I wanted to see if I could find my tape, but for the hell of it, I Googled Springsteen and Roxy and Thunder Road, and lo and behold, some kind soul has actually put it up on YouTube. Roy Bittan is a piano genius; I took piano most of my life, and I've tried to learn some of his parts, like the gorgeous, haunting piano intro to "Jungleland" and this beautiful backup music, but it is really hard. You have to be a damn good keys master to play his stuff, and I never was.

So, yeah, this one, I could see a story for. I should make myself a Bruce icon.

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The most wonderful time of the year! Fangirl luncheons, white elephant gift cruelties, it's all so fun. Hot alcoholic drinks, wrapping up in scarves, shiny, shiny lights.

Every year I post a small handful of Christmas/holiday songs that I'm enjoying from my ridiculous holiday songs list, which keeps growing each year (at this point it takes something like three days to listen to all of it). I much prefer original songs, because I'm sort of tired of everyone under the sun's interpretation of another person's often much better done song, but there are definitely artists that am happy to have doing the umpteenth version of a popular fave. Some of these are mp4s, and I apologize in advance if that's a problem, but you're forewarned. And ow I really need to go work on my Yuletide fic.

City of Silver Dreams is a cute little song by Sugarland that really captures the feeling of NY at holiday time, I think.
Icicles by Let's Go Sailing is currently being played on TV for the Radio Shack commercials.
Valley Winter Song by Fountains of Wayne isn't technically a Christmas song, but LL Bean used it last year in their holiday ads, and for good reason, because it really does have a feeling of wintery coziness.
A Snowflake Fell (And It Felt Like a Kiss) from Glasvegas is my this year's favorite, with their lush sound and rolling accents
Fuck You, It's Over also by Glasvegas, cracks me up, because it is so pretty and has such hateful lyrics. I was telling people about this today, and it's one of those perfect songs if you've ever been broken up with during the holidays or just generally hate someone. Don't listen to this if a guy calling his ex a bitch offends you, though.
Someday at Christmas classic Stevie Wonder
Come Darkness, Come Light by Mary Chapin Carpenter is haunting and beautiful
Silent Night by Boyz II Men is a really gorgeous interpretation and if you like a capella singing, you'll admire this.

And speaking of holidays and such, I saw this on a friend's Facebook page and fell in love with it. I really want to see this -- it's totes within walking distance of my house (well, okay, a looong walk, but that's healthy, no?), in case anyone wants to come with me (though we need to get a portable radio to hear the music, I guess).

Wizards In Winter from Jim Winder on Vimeo.

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Sorry it took me so long to put up the Christmas tunes I promised. Hey, it's one day before!! I get some special credit for at least not waiting till after, right? This is a mix of a few of my old favorites and some new ones. I tried to pick a few that I haven't seen in a lot of other music posts on my flist. The links will expire sometime after the new year, when I remember to take them down because I need the space on my web site. ;-) Please right click and DL to your computer (or control click on a Mac).

Songs behind de cut )
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Oh, vidding how I hate and love you. You torture me with your ideas and your songs and your characters. You provide endless hours of torment and aching necks and arms and the feeling of utter hopeless failure. And yet, you keep my mind off things I don't want to and shouldn't think about. And when you are done, I feel so relieved and so bad at the same time. You are like mountain climbing -- miserable and cold and dangerous and fraught, but you have your peaks and valleys and the summit is an achievement.

I want to do this vid for Deb Morgan on Dexter. I'm stuck on a song that is very well-known, one of those rare songs that crosses musical lines and came out of nowhere to become a hit after being featured on a TV show so effectively. And I don't want to do this song even though it's been eating away at my brain since I first heard it a few years ago on the show and I love it and never ever get tired of hearing it. And it is beyond perfect for what I want to show about Deb. Why do I not want to do something that sounds so perfect? Because it's probably been vidded at least 13,487 times by 13 year old girls who make crappy YouTube type vids. A quick search, even, of YT confirms that there are at least half that many vids by crappy youthful vidders who wouldn't know a point of view or an edit point if it bit them in the ass. And two such kinds of vids for Dexter the character and show. Gah.

I have listened nonstop to everything I have and have bought tons of music online for the past few months, this idea burning in my head, trying to find something less used. I like other songs by the artist, but they don't have the tone I want and are more focused on other aspects that I don't want to focus on. I've found gajillions of wonderful songs, which I love and think they could work, but they don't work as well for me. None of them have the exact feeling I get from this overly familiar song.

I just... I don't know what to do. I've always enjoyed picking up stuff that is unexpected, that people think couldn't work for a show or a character, and blasting people's expectations to bits. I can't tell you how many people said something couldn't be vidded to me, only to recant when they saw the finished product. But this time, something unusual, rare, or unexpected is not working for me. Wonderful songs, but none of them have this feeling. I really don't know what to do. Force myself to make a song that doesn't quite speak to me in exactly the same way? I could still come up with something good, I'm sure, or at least not as bad as the crap on YT. But it wouldn't have that heart. OTOH, if I make it, a lot of people will just... recoil, or scorn it, or pass it by.

With vids, you lose people each step of the way -- first goes the fandom people, who wouldn't watch a vid unless they're in that fandom. Next comes the music genre -- "I won't listen to pop, country, boy bands, emo, metal, blah blah." Then the song, if they know it, and they don't want to hear it one more time because they hear it on the Muzak system at work every day or the guy in the truck plays that on the route 500 times an hour. And so on -- in the end, you lose a significant portion of viewers by whichever choices you make, so you have to take into consideration whether that bothers you.

I don't know if it does bother me to add that to the list or not -- maybe it's just that I don't want fellow vidders whom I respect to think I'm a loser for making such a blatant musical choice? Especially when I love finding obscure stuff for other vidders? I don't know. I just can't decide, but I want to start on the vid and the song will determine my clip choices.

Vidding, why so difficult?
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I spaced day 6! Totally! So sorry.

You may not mind when I post the song, anyway -- I have had a hard time getting a lot of my friends to give rap of any kind a chance. I was that way too, though, in the beginning. There were a lot of things I disliked about it at first -- and still do, in terms of the insane level of misogyny and treatment of women -- but after a few years, I really began to open up to it and now hip-hop and hiptronica are among my most-listened-to internet radio stations. One of the songs that helped tip me over the edge from "eh, I don't love it" to a fan was this song, Here We Come, from the movie Strange Days. I love how it builds and builds with this crashing anger and resentment and warning, and culminates in that great bitter, wicked laugh at the end.

In a complete 180, day 7 finishes up with one of my favorite artists, Neil Finn, doing Faster Than Light from his solo album of a few years ago. This song would be among my desert island songs. i think it's one of the most beautiful songs ever recorded and that's saying a lot. The Finn brothers are geniuses, baby.

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Today's entry is also from the Lost Highway first volume, a version of Johnny Cash singing Wichita Lineman. Not only have I loved this song for like ever, I am so moved by the older, world-weary voice Cash gives to this. In his waning years, that tenuous quality in his voice could add such a moving tone to any song, but especially so to something like this with its melancholy quality. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do!
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Here's a couple great noveltyish songs from the '80s that I love.

The first is a tune by a band called the Fibonaccis called Art Life that was featured in the movie Slam Dance, which I've written about here before (I can't seem to get into memories right now, as usual, so the review would come up under the movies tag, I think). It's just a mean, harsh, bitchfest of a song and I totally, totally adore it for those reasons. I especially love the "doom... we're all DOOOOMED" toward the end. I'm still peeved that they never put this divine soundtrack out on disc; fortunately, my friend saved his vinyl and another friend recorded these to MP3s for us.

The second is a little ditty by the Fabulous Poodles called Pink City Twist. My original recording of this features a segue into another song called Vampire Rock, which this MP3 doesn't have (and that I've always wanted to make a Spike vid to). Alas, the only CD recording of the Fab Poo's hits is currently running at a low price of $114 on Amazon, so I may never be able to get that again and will have to live with my original casette recording. I'm also bummed because I wanted their "Bionic Man," which would make a fantastic vid song for something like Now and Again. (Michael, if you're reading this, we need to put our heads together and figure out a Poos plan.) This song is just silly and repetitive but it has a joyous '80s new-wave nonsensical quality about it, and the payoff toward the end of the song is worth it.
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In a change of pace from the first two songs, this is from an album [ profile] movies_michelle turned me on to a couple years ago called Torch, a sort of modern take on the torch song by a really interesting mix of artists you've never heard of, one-shot "groups," and well-known people who should be more famous than they are, like Cassandra Wilson. I like Dropshere by Dzihan & Kamien because it has these unusual tempo shifts and tonal shifts, and mixes this sort of lo-fi, ethereal quality with a chanteusy, world-weary vibe, only with innocence.

Speaking of moozik. Does anyone have any recs for a music community that isn't punitive, snotty, exclusive, or semi-deceased? Some of you may recall my rather annoyed post after being booted off teh music communiy last year for not participating enough. For those who don't: when I began flying down regularly to San Diego to take care of my sister, who had cancer, I got an iPod, which really saved my sanity during all the delayed flights and being on the plane, where I can't read. I joined teh music, and never had time or energy to post on my own, but I regularly responded to requests and emailed music to people. After my sister died and I went back to clean out her house, I found out that I'd been booted, along with other people, who didn't participate (even though there was nothing in the rules about that) enough, and who hadn't responded to the random, no-warning two-week notice post that went up when I was down there, doing one of the most gut-wrenching things of my life. I politely told them that I was sorry I'd been booted, that they'd never made it clear posting was a requisite, and that all the music I'd picked up there had helped me keep my sanity during the worst period of my life. But I reminded them that even putting up a notice that "if you don't respond to this to stay on the list, you're gone" isn't necessarily going to work for people -- loved ones die, work gets insane, people lose jobs or get in accidents... life happens with unpredictable speed and it seems unfair to cut people when they may have no control over what's going on in their existence.

They of course stood by their decision because people, you know, lie all the time to get into their very important community (of course, they believed me, but you can't bend the rules!) but that I could try to join again the next time they opened membership. As if. I am constantly agog at the 12-year-olds who run things, for whom life has never held any great challenges or tragedies, and who think modding a community makes them important or powerful. It's LJ, peeps, not the U.N.

But I really miss seeing new things that people send out, sampling what's out there and then going out and buying some new stuff. It's like a listening station, for me, when people post music -- try before you buy. I'd love to find a community where people aren't snotty little jackasses who think they're special, where it's about music and not participation levels and "Respond to me now, you minions, or I will smite you with my sword!" Bitter? Moi? Hell, even if you know of a blogger with good taste who just posts his or her own choices, that would be good. I can't really listen to Pandora at work because I don't have enough bandwidth to do that and be fast enough on my work connection, so trying stuff out is a better mode for me right now.
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So, since I've been such a lousay journaler lately that my friends list is dropping like flies, I thought I'd actually, you know, do something. So, I've deemed this moozik week and I will put up a song to share every day. (I will also put up some pics soon of the Great Garage Project, but that's boring to most.) Since I missed Monday (now is the time when projects and papers start rolling in for the class -- OMG, I'm a teacherOMFG and I have to look at papers AUGH!), I will put up two today.

The first is a rollicking bit of early almost-summer fun, Louisiana Down Home Blues by C.J Chenier and the Red Hot Louisiana Band. I defy anyone to not want to get up and two-step to Cajun or zydeco music, cherie. The second is by that recent flavor of the month, Bright Eyes, from a collection of special recordings by contemporary alt-country and folk artists. It's called Trees Get Wheeled Away and it kind of fits my mood today. I hope you like both!

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Dad and I took a short 32-hour trip to San Diego to see my sister in the hospital. She is not doing well; most people who had this surgery would be home by now, but her intestines were so blocked due the tumor obstruction that things aren't getting a lot better. But we got to talk with the idiot doctors and I got to be my usual confrontational self (I have no respect for medical people anymore, at all, and I just pepper them with questions, machine-gun style). The news is of course very bad, and today they are doing a procedure to put in a permanent port again, which caused her extreme hardship the last time -- they nearly killed her, and I'm not certain she can withstand their bungling again. The nurses are great, but my feelings for the specialists and doctors is very low. Assuming she is okay, though, I go down again Monday night, before, in theory, heading up to Escapade on Thursday, but that's turning into a whole other nightmare.

It was hard traveling with Dad. Very, very hard. But my iPod has become a total lifesaver, though I realize that mindless happy music is in short supply on the thing. I haven't really begun to put music into it, I still have 16 gigs left to make use of. I've been relying on the library to get hold of things I don't have before I put in tons of things I do have, but I've found they don't have a lot of the club mixes and dance songs I was really craving to listen to yesterday when our flight was delayed for over an hour (apparently I can never leave San Diego on time, it's a law or something), and the hip-hop discs are always too badly damaged to play. I still haven't done that file sharing thing, and just trying to figure out something like that right now is too much for me to handle; I should probably post a request on teh music community, but... the 50 fields you have to fill out for each song just overwhelms my spazzed-out brain right now. I feel like lately it's all I can do to get dressed. I realize the likelihood of people having any of these songs is really low, but, I had such luck on the Christmas music, I thought I'd see if anyone here might have any of these dance or hip-hop tunes as mp3s they would be willing to send me:

Anastacia -- Sick and Tired
Oceanlab -- Satellite
Deep Dish -- Flashdance
Dirty Vegas -- Walk in the Sun
Robbie Rivera -- Which Way You're Going
House of Pain -- Jump Around and Top O' the Morning

And since I hate asking for things without giving anything in return, here are some on offer (I'll only be able to leave these up for a short time, as I have to put my Escapade vid up soon and I'm running out of space). Right click to download, please, don't stream!:
Breathe by Telepopmusic You might be familiar with this from the Mitsubishi commercial a few years ago, and it was ubiquitous around the same time, even showing up on my beloved late Robbery Homicide Division.
This Misery by the Wild Colonials This is an old favorite, and the vocalist for the Wild Colonials is the guest vocalist on Breathe. She has a cool, husky voice that I love; if you like Mazzy Star's "Fade into You," or that song "Feed the Tree," you might like this.
Start the Commotion by the Wiseguys One of my all-time favorite dance tunes, but no one ever seems to know it when I request it of DJs. This was also a huge hit off a Mistubishi commercial a couple years ago. Maybe I should go to work for Mits's ad agency since we seem to have the same taste in music.
Fallen by Vib Gyor This is a new band producing some of the coolest stuff I've heard in a while. EW described them as a heavenly marriage of Sigur Ros and Coldplay, and they're not wrong. They have lovely, complex stuff.

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So, for years I've had this Christmas tape that was started by a friend of mine (okay, the great Long Lost Love of My Life, for whom I've never stopped carrying a torch and is the only boyfriend I ever had that I didn't stay friends with afterwards because it just hurt too much) and over the years expanded and added to so that it now has about a jillion different sound levels and is next to impossible to listen to. All the songs were off records except a few, and some were so rare and hard to find in the days before CD compilations (I spent three years trying to score a copy of Eartha Kitt's Santa Baby and paid through the nose when I finally got one; now it's on every CD in the world) that the records were scratchy and awful and just kind of painful to listen to. Some I've managed to dig up on CDs, but it's just really hard to justify spending money right now with the upcoming contract-end on, of all things, Christmas songs I actually have, even if poorly.

There are some songs I'd love to dig up, though, for a Christmas compilation to replace my ancient but beloved mix tape. So I figured I'd ask on my flist to see if anyone might have mp3s (or AACs if you're on a Mac) of any of these that they might be willing to share with me. I know you're probably saying "get them yourself, bitch" because now I have DSL and there's all that file sharing and whatnot, but... I am just swamped with shit to do and I could of course abandon my two WIPs and the articles I'm trying to sell and the essays I'm working on for publication and the vids I need to do like right this minute because deadline looms, but I'm thinking people would probably rather I finish those effing fannish things rather than spend the time trying to learn how to do these file sharing thingies (and you might laugh at the whole learning to do thing, but you know what? I am so stupid that it would take me weeks to understand how to set things up, use them, and all of that. I can't even figure out how to use the mp3 blogs correctly!). I kept poking around looking for freebies without file sharing but I couldn't seem to locate any. So that is why I'm asking and it can't hurt to ask, right? If actually finishing fic isn't a good payment maybe we can work out some trades with the thousands of songs I actually *do* have.

Some of the Christmas tunes I'm a lookin' for, including ones that will make you laugh but they're on my tape so that's why I want them because I am embarrassingly sentimental about it )
So yeah, if any of you have these to share or can direct me to an easy place to DL I will love you forever. Well, I love you all anyways, regardless.

ETA: OMG, I can't believe I forgot the one I wanted most and yet can't find a full version of: The Waitresses' Christmas Wrapping. My tape version is so bad it's scary.

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