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If you're like me and you HATED the Southland season/possible series finale last week, you might be interested in this survey at the TNT/Southland Facebook page. At this point, since TNT hasn't yet said whether they'll renew it and so most of us assume they won't (and frankly, most of the fans seem to want them not to, since no one really likes to think of what they would try to do with that horrible finale), it's mostly just an opportunity to vent, and there's some weirdness with the list of characters that confused me in spots. But having a chance to vent at TPTB is kind of a nice thing when you've been walking around with flecks of foam all over your chin from your rabid teeth-gnashing. It felt oddly calming and upsetting at the same time.

One thing I made sure to say was how much I valued that this was a show with a capable, competent, smart gay man in a lead role who, at least at first, was stable and strong.
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I'm kind of dreading tonight's Southland. After Ann Biderman left the series, it seems to have veered off into something I don't quite like as much, a "we're tough guys making a tough series for tough men to watch" or something. They've really kind of destroyed the audience-eye character, Ben Sherman, and have turned him into a complete and utter douchebag. And I admit, I'm biased, but I wanted Ben and Cooper to be together all the time, and I thought some kind of rapprochement with Cooper after the addiction storyline would have made for some really excellent drama, but no, now they seem to pretty much be done with each other for all eternity, and Ben's all judgey and shit.

But wow, Michael Cudlitz has been KNOCKING IT OUT OF THE PARK every fucking week these past few weeks. Every episode, he just leaves me with my jaw hanging open. Cut for discussion of episode specifics )
So my baby Blues has been a very expensive kitty lately. In his checkup last week, they found a cavity, which in kitties I guess is more of a bleeding hole in the tooth. Turned out there were two, both of the molars behind his bottom fangs, and they had to extract them in his dental cleaning -- and the plaque on his teeth was so bad it was like having a whole other tooth on top of them. He has always had bad teeth and gums, but it's getting ridiculous. And ridiculously expensive; it couldn't have come at a worse time as my credit card was really feeling the pinch with all the plans and deposits and such for my trip next month.

They gave him another one of those pain shots that last for three or four days like he got when his paw was infected; it's hysterical watching him roll around, completely stoned out of his mind, his pupils totally blown out, purring like a motorboat. I just hope he's not in much pain when it wears off.

Myself, I had the second round of dental work done yesterday, and aside from the bloody pulp in my mouth later, my jaw just mostly aches from trying to keep it open that long. I'm really tired of this. Especially coming at a time when I'm planning an expensive holiday.

Speaking of which, anyone on my flist in London? Want to meet up? I'll be there from the 14th to the 17th, then off to Cardiff for a few days, then back in London till the 22. I'd love to meet someone for drinks or lunch or something.


Jan. 21st, 2012 12:09 am
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I owe many of you emails; I will respond, I promise, I've just been kind of hunkered down, trying to finish all the work that was giving me so much stress. I sent the last book off yesterday and spent the rest of the day screwing around. Wednesday was a month since Dad died, and it's starting to really feel bad; in the first few weeks, I didn't have time to feel the loss, but now it's really hitting me. It also doesn't help that Dad and I always checked in with each other when it snowed, and we've had major snow here in the Northwest, along with serious ice storm damage, and it was something we always talked about. I kept reaching for the phone, and I find myself doing that every day.

The service was really nice; thanks to everyone who provided me with music or ideas. I think it worked out really well. It was small and very few people said much, everyone was shy, I guess, but afterward we were there for a really long time talking to people. I saw some cousins I haven't seen in decades.

All I've really done, though, is start the balls rolling for all the paperwork and legal stuff, but with the somewhat paralyzing snow (I swear to god if I hear one more smug asshole transplant from some other part of the country go on about how stupid Seattleites are in snow I will cut a bitch; you cannot drive in half a foot of snow and ice up 16% grade hills and over frozen bridges, you dumbass hillbillies, and you should just go back where you came from) many people haven't been in offices. It feels like when he died -- the holidays then, with all the attendant excuses. It's just taking forever to get anything done. At least I finally got the death certificates so I could notify some people.

I'm glad that I'm finished with some of the work, so I can concentrate on other things. My house is a sty because of all the work not allowing me to clean, it's actually reached a (for me) gross stage. One of the nice things that happened was I had to get a new washer/dryer -- no, really, that was a good thing. When we did the remodel, they put in a utility closet room which they built to house my all in one unit, the little Euro combination washer/dryer in one.

I like them when I've used them in Europe, and I liked my friend's a lot, but the model I got, an Asko from Sweden, was one of the worst purchases I've ever made. At first it was plagued with problems from installation and bad information; then over time when it was settled, it just turned out to have so many problems, so many things going wrong, but I couldn't justify spending the money on something new and there were very, very limited options for what would fit in there. I was happy when it started really malfunctioning in the past year; well, not happy because it was burning my things in the drying cycle, but satisfied that I would have an excuse to get something new. I settled on the Bosch Axxis washer and condensing dryer (because they didn't put in a dryer duct when they put in the utility room), and they installed it ten days ago and all I want to do is laundry. I love it so, so much! It has changed my life. I can now put in heavy things without having to sit by the machine the whole hour or so to make sure it doesn't leap across the room! I don't have to worry that it's going to catch on fire! And I got the stacking kit that has a pullout shelf, so I can sort the things I want to line dry before I put something in the dryer.

The convenience of the all in one was lost on me, because I realized that as much as I often leave clothes in the washer till they mold, if I just stay on top of that more, it's better for me because I line dry most clothing, and only use the dryer for a few things. I'll save on everything, which means a lot to me. I'm always amazed at people who go to great lengths to live green, and will spend a lot of money to buy things that are ecological, but they won't update their appliances. Next up is a more efficient fridge, so I'm going to start saving for that.

So yeah, that's how sad my life is. I'm excited by a washer and dryer. There is seriously nothing else going on. Well, except Festivids. I'm really looking forward to the vids tomorrow. I'm especially hopeful for Southland and Justified vids -- with the series starting up this past week, I'm just more into them than ever and I really want to see some vids for them! Also, WHY is everything on AT THE SAME FRIGGIN' TIME? Justified, Southland, White Collar, and Tabatha Takes Over (which, with the new title, I almost missed because it wasn't on my season pass) are all on at the same time. My season passes are all fucked up and apparently the DirecTV tifaux doesn't know how to grab the second airing on cable shows, because they were all fucked up and weren't going to record Tabatha at all. I just don't get it. It used to be Thursdays, now apparently it's Tuesday night. I felt sad, too, because I dropped White Collar down on my priority list; I thought the new season started out with a whimper. There were some good moments, but it just fell flat, especially at the end. The bloom is off the rose, unfortunately, because of the plunder storyline, and I just want to punch Mozzie in the face instead of hug him, and don't care anymore. Bleh. Why did they do that? I hate them for making the show less appealing to me.

I spent a really nice day with Sandy's partner B last Saturday and we went to the eco home design place, and poked around at an antique mall. Man, I'm just missing Sandy so much. We have a Cannibals bash tomorrow, and they just feel so surreal to me now, without her there. B feels her presence, has visitation dreams and the like, and I never have had that with my sister or either of my parents, but I told her to please tell Snady to come visit me. I want to talk to her again, hear her hysterical laugh. The last email she sent me was about a story that she told me about in great shame; I told her to send me the link and she wrote in the subject line, "This is it: the most embarrassing fusion ever," and then the link, with the comment "I have to admit I adored it, but I don't think that speaks well of me..." I keep reading the email, but I don't want to read the story, because then it will be over and I won't have her to respond back to.

Augh. Nevermind me. I'm just a sad old worn out thing.
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Found out yesterday that Dad is undergoing congestive heart failure. So this explains his fuzziness, his pain, the edema, and his breathing problems. They've moved him over to the health center (the euphemism for the nursing home part of the retirement community he lives at) and are giving him oxygen, increasing the dosage of the water pill to try to get the water off him, and keeping a close eye on him. He wouldn't go at first; he was horrible beyond belief on Friday, to a point where I can't talk about it without dissolving into tears of frustration, as I did Friday night in front of a bunch of people.

But after I talked to the doctor he called me (and I was surprised, because he'd hung up on me all weekend when I tried to talk to him by phone -- he couldn't process anything, hear anything, so he just hung up) and seemed surprisingly good, so I explained why he needed to go there, or he could go to the hospital if he wanted to (which, at least, would mean medicare would pay for a lot of this) for treatment, but that they couldn't treat him in assisted living, and the water pills will make him much more likely to fall. He agreed that it was a good idea. He wants to go back to his apartment, but the head of nursing isn't so sure that will ever happen. We'll see. He can't seem to sit up straight or use his power chair without hitting everything, but if that improves, it might be possible. I'd like it to be possible, just because the health center will bleed us dry financially.

He's convinced he's going to live as old as his grandparents did (into their late 90s), but seeing him today, I have no idea how long he can go on. He looks every bit his 87 years, and then some. Until last fall, he didn't look or act like an 80+ year-old. Congestive heart failure is what killed my second mom and dad, Mr. and Mrs. O, so this is kind of a big deal to me.

In other news:
I'm starting to work on a Justified vid. [personal profile] killabeez edited these two songs for me and put them together so that I can make this sort of epic dark vision I have in my head; the big thing is that I can't find any info about a street date for the season 2 DVDs, and I don't know if I should get the discs from England instead. It'll mean I can't play them in my blu-ray player, but at least I could have good source for the vid, which will no doubt take me forever to clip since I am drowning in work.

Regarding my fuck you, you fucking fucks comment yesterday that a couple people asked me about: OK, here is my bitter rant, let me show you it. I watched the season finale of spoilers for True Blood and adult angry language warning )

And even more fuckery from showrunners: I was really on the fence about Ringer, because I have my huge twin issues. I've almost never seen twins done right on TV (except for Fringe, god bless them), so I had a lot of trepidation, but it had SMG, whom I've liked since All My Children (seriously, Silver Kane? so delicious), and of course Ioan Gruffudd (be still my heart), so I figured I'd at least give it a shot. And then I read the fall preview stuff in EW and the showrunner said that one of the things that made it so great was that "twins are already creepy." And that just pissed me off SO MUCH. We're creepy to "normal" single-birth people. Fuck you, you son of a bitch.

Because it's not like we've had centuries of this already in lots of cultures around the world, where twins have been left out in the elements to die, or stabbed or strangled upon birth (usually the second twin out of the womb, which would have been me!), or ostracized from a community. Because, you know, we're creepy and mysterious. One of us must be from Satan, because it's not normal to have an egg split in two (and yes, I'm talking identical twins, because he was).

And then I watched the show and it was JUST. SO. BAD. Everyone told me it was, but I had no idea. SMG seemed like she was sleepwalking through the whole thing, Ioan is wasted, the dialog is crazy cheeseball, and that boat scene has to be the worst rear projection I have ever seen on film, hands down. I won't even get started on the whole idea that someone who loses her twin, even if they haven't been close for a while, isn't tortured by the loss because in the scheme of things, it has everything else wrong about twinhood, so why not that too? But it's so obvious that they're merely relying on the fact that twins are creepy and mysterious to sustain their story; the only time anyone ever seems to want to do twins is either to fulfill sex fantasies or to do the tired old evil twin storyline, which the showrunner was so completely enamored of. Because twins are creepy and mysterious and that automatically makes one of them EVIL. God. I just. What can you even say?

I wonder what you'd even call that -- single-birthist? What? Twins always have to represented as one being evil, or being sex fantasies. And hey, in this show, they get to be both! Yay? Needless to say, I'm not sticking with this, even for SMG and IG. I hope your show goes down in a big flaming hairball, Mr. Showrunner, you fucking fuck.
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Season finales of both Southland and White Collar tonight at the same time -- do not want! Even though I'm still mighty pissed at Southland for letting go of my beloved Kevin Alejandro (Nate Moretta) and then just practically ignoring his character's memory (outside of Sammy and Nate's wife, we pretty much never hear anything about him again at the precincts), it's still a favorite show and my weeks will definitely be a lot emptier than they have the past couple months.

Thank god for Justified and Fringe, although with Fringe, I'm in fear because it's on the bubble and I don't have a lot of faith in Fox and their treatment of the show. Since I have no social life to speak of, dammit, I need my stories!

While I haven't been completely thrilled with the last half of this White Collar season, they really got it back last week, and I've watched last week's ep now about... eight times? What. Like you haven't as well. And while I dislike Alex intensely, I'm interested to see where the story's going (and if my expectation that Kate is alive comes true).
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I have one word to say about Southland this week:

and then a few more words )


Jan. 19th, 2011 11:33 am
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Note to self: Now that White Collar and Southland are on again and at the same time, DO NOT WATCH them back to back. It will only make WC look more ridiculous when watched against the superb gritty realism of Southland.

Two great tastes that aren't actually great together )

Awesome, awesome TV. Just don't watch them close together.
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Some of you were wondering about what's going on with my dad -- I wish I knew. Cut to spare you my family drama trauma ongoing saga )

Anyways. Today is my final look-see at my teefs. I'm done with my braces! Well, sort of. Next steps are next. We'll figure out retainers and whatnot, and then I have to work with the dentist about a bite guard for night (I'd rather just have the retainers), and then I have to get the teeth fixed that have been hiding behind other teeth so you couldn't see the chips. But it's all pretty exciting for me after a year and a half of wearing the Invisaligns to see the light at the end. I really am ready to not have to wear these 24/7. I get to a point where I just can't stand them being on one. more. second. and so I don't always wear them as long as I should.

Best news of all, Southland returned for a third season last night!! My awesome show )
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Day 23 - Most annoying character

[personal profile] crickwooder said George Costanza for this one, and I have to admit, it's pretty hard to top that choice. Because, dude. I just. HATEY HATE.

And I have thought about this all day and can't come up with someone. I mean, there are lots of candidates, don't get me wrong. But most annoying? That's a difficult crown to give. Wow, I wish I were graphically inclined, because then I could do some sort of elimination challenge chart. Do I go back to Gilmore Girls, which, when they had annoying characters, they went all the way? Or Buffy, which could turn a decent person into an annoyance with picosecond precision? Or how about shows I don't like, like SPN or SGA, primarily because I find, you know, the characters annoying? Because that gets into a whole other level of problems, since so many of my flist loves the characters I hate most, and I don't really want to do that nasty peeing on cereal thing. And don't even get me started on Sylar and Heroes.

No, I think I will give the blue ribbon to...someone recent, and someone that I don't believe anyone I know likes: Tammy on Southland. I don't know if there's ever been a more grating character: she's whiny, stupid, selfish, shallow, needy, grating, feeble, pathetic, venal, and vile. We're supposed to care, I guess, that she's trapped in suburbia, the soul of an artist going stale being married to a cop, whatever. I don't care. I wished she would have gotten killed by the drug dealers she met on the bridge. I wish the dog would have eaten her in the beginning. I wish to hell she would go away. There are some truly annoying characters on Southland, but she trumps them all.
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The editor in me wants to change
Day 02 - A show you wish more people were watching
to "you wished more people watched". Sigh. Wimpy passive words get me every time.

Anyhoo. I had a hard time with this one as well (I think all of them will be hard, except the miniseries) because I couldn't decide between Fringe and Southland. Neither of which, of course, is airing right now, in June! But I decided on Southland because wow, does this need more love. It's not a perfect show by any stretch, and I think that's one thing that keeps people away from it.

Problems, first: There are some characters in the series who are really quite detestable. And like a lot of shows with sprawling ensemble casts, some episodes may feature them quite a bit, and some episodes, they may be absent for a lot. If you tune in to one where Tammy (the absolute worst of the lot), Sammy (married to Tammy), Sal, Lydia's partner (whose name I can't ever remember), or Dewey are featured prominently (as they all are in the premiere episode), there's a chance you'll back away from the show. Some people also dislike my spiritual fiance, Kevin Alejandro, as Nate, because Nate is partnered with Sammy, and sometimes he's good and sometimes he's a dumbass. But I adore him, so... take that as you will. I think Kevin is hot like burning (see icon) and Nate is just as fucked up as the rest of them, which makes him interesting.

Southland reminds me of two gritty cop shows I loved in their time: Hill Street Blues and the first season of Boomtown. The stories follow detectives, administrators, and street cops, so we see the vast wilderness of policing in south Los Angeles. It has one of the most kickass women on television, Regina King's Lydia Adams, who is so awesome that I want to marry her and have her babies, and I don't ever want to have babies. It also has a canonically gay cop, who is one of the major characters, in John Cooper (played by Michael Cudlitz), who is the training officer for rookie Ben Sherman (played by Ben MacKenzie of OC fame), who is sort of the quasi-central character at the center of the show.

Stories are never ever wrapped up neatly at the end of the episode, and people rarely confess to a crime so the guest stars can have quality acting time. In other words, it's not a cheesefest like all the shows with initials in their titles or pretty much any other cop/detective show on TV.

The thing I love about the show is that it offers a true picture of policing in modern day cities, and they get the details right for the most part -- and when people aren't competent, you see the consequences. The system lets the cops down all the time, the cops often let themselves down, and it's not always an easy show to watch. No, it's not The Wire-quality, but I think that in its new home on TNT, which just renewed it, and took it from stupid NBC after they canceled it, the show will probably only increase in quality as it gets nurtured by a network that's not afraid of it.

I've seen commercials for a new show this summer called Rookie Blue or something like that, and it looks so unbelievably cheesy and crappy and focusing on the exact opposite of everything Ben has learned from John on the job, and I would almost bet it'll be a hit while Southland soldiers on with lower ratings, showing us what these cops' lives are like on the job and off, realistically, and with humanity and insight.
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It is more joy day! Yay! I have a very meager entry for more joy, and it's probably only going to give me joy because these are some of my favorite grrls out there. BUT. I have long enjoyed other people's Fights Like a Girl icons, and have wanted to make some for my favorite ladies, many of whom have sadly been kind of forgotten these days. I have some more I want to make a little later, but my arm is killing me at this point, so here are just 8 girl fighting icons with some current and distant faves. Take, share -- I'm not the best artist in the world and not very skilled with p-shop, but I love playing around anyway.

Fight like girls )
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The past few days it's been in the mid to high 50s here, and today feels even warmer, though it says it's not even 55. It's very hard for me to believe that about ten days ago, I was freezing my limbs off on a Civil War battlefield or feeling my face crack and come apart on the streets of NYC. Sometimes I still marvel at the way things are in modern day life. I mean... in one day you can be stuck in the hell of the trapped passengers in New Jersey, and then basking in the warmth of rainy Seattle. We take so much for granted. I do. I think of that fabulous interview on Conan where Louis CK notes that everything's amazing and nobody's happy: we're sitting in chairs in the sky!

Anyway! Today is a good day. Why? Because it is post-Chuck season premiere, and suddenly everything is right with the world, and also, it is Southland on TNT premiere day. And on Thursday, there will be a new show with Mark Valley about a comics character I don't know well but was always kind of intrigued by, called Human Target. I love Mark from Keen Eddie, especially, but I'm a bit nervous because it's on Fox... which killed Keen Eddie. Although he was also on Fringe, which they seem intent on keeping. Who knows.

So, Southland, if you didn't watch it before NBC ditched it, is an excellent gritty cop show that started a bit slowly for me, but quickly became a favorite in its short run. It's somewhat famous right now because NBC filmed a short run of episodes for 2nd seasons, then pulled it and cancelled it before they ran any of them. TNT is the right place for it, and the big plus is no bleeping of swear words, which the show does use quite a bit. If you don't know whether to check it out tonight, read [personal profile] umbo's excellent Southland pimping post for a most excellent list of reasons you SHOULD watch Southland. My own particular favorites in the show are Michael Cudlitz (Bull Randleman on Band of Brothers) as Cooper, a canonically gay patrol cop who is one of the most complex characters I've seen on a cop show like this, and Regina King as Lydia, who is just... well, she is one badass, caring, smart, emotional detective and wow does she wield a mean shotgun. It's not always even in quality, but it's very much like Hill Street Blues in that respect, and when it's good, it's SO good. Watch it! So TNT will make more new episodes after they've run all the ones already in the can.

And then there's Chuck. OMG you guys. I am just so happy. I wasn't sure how they were going to pull it off, with Chuck 2.0, but... they're doing a wonderful job. I love how bewildered he is by what's in his head now and how he can't control it very well, and I think the journey with him learning to do that, and accept being a spy and saving the world, is just a wonderful progression for the show and the character. And it still makes my slashy and hetty heart happy -- the look on Casey's face when he saw Chuck again was... fascinating, I thought, and I am even more in love with Capt. Awesome now than ever before. When they ruined Bones a while back, I lost my happy place, and that's when I turned to Chuck for that, and it's not letting me down in that department at all, I must say. It makes me happier than just about any other show right now, and part of that is its calorie-freeness, I know, but it makes a great dessert to the other more serious stuff I watch.

It seems like now I have the more substantial dinner portions of the evening, and then the light portions like Chuck and Castle and White Collar, and that's a really good mix right now. OTOH, my favorite reality show, Tabatha's Salon Takeover, has its final episode of season 2 tonight, and I will be bereft without her. I LOVE Tabatha. She's the kind of person I wish I could be -- take charge, smart, super competent, doesn't let people's bullshit get her down. This season has been a lot of fun and I will miss her a lot.

Heads up

Jul. 31st, 2009 02:15 pm
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If any of you were curious about the NBC show Southland but never had a chance to catch up with it, NBC is showing it again starting tonight at 8 ET and PT, 7 Central. I'm completely baffled by why they'd show something like that at 8, but whatevs, at least they're repeating it. I really don't get why networks won't repeat their series in summer so people can discover them, it used to be the saving grace for a lot of shows that were iffy during their regular season run.

Anyways, it's a pretty good gritty cop show, not perfect, but has some wonderful characters, including Regina King's kickass but sensitive detective and Michael Cudlitz's canonically gay patrol officer. Some of the characters are total douchebags (and unlike, say, Hill Street Blues, were the douches were fascinating, these guys aren't really, IMO, so I just FF through pretty much all their scenes) and there can be giant plot holes that make you wince, but overall, it's really good, and wow, I can't say enough about Michael Cudlitz. I loved him as Bull Randleman in Band of Brothers, and he's just mesmerizing here (and how often do we get a cop who's gay who's not played as tragic or a victim or tormented?).

Now that Life is cancelled, I wish Charlie Crews would show up to work at this precinct. ;-)

ETA: I've pretty much given up on Heroes after that season finale, but I admit, this preview for the new volume has me intrigued -- mostly because of Robert Knepper (T-Bag from Prison Break). Eye shadow! Cool coat! Oirish accent! Gentle malevolence! Oh, Robert, don't lure me back into that crappy show -- I still see fucking Ali Larter (why won't they get rid of her????) and Sylar (of course they're going to amp up the Quinto now that ST is a hit). Goddamn it. The Carnivale-esque overtones intrigue me... I don't want to be intrigued! They ruined the show for me a long time ago! WHAT.

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