Sep. 25th, 2014 12:24 pm
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[personal profile] mlyn tagged me for the five-day positivity meme a while ago, but seeing as how it takes me hours to get out of bed in the morning because I keep hoping I won't ever wake up again, I didn't really have anything to put in it, and I doubt I'll be able to make it work for five days. Also, I won't tag anyone.

But! I did have a couple positive things happen yesterday so I will try it out.

1. I got podficced! Since hardly anyone even reads my stuff, I never in a million years imagined someone would ever podfic a story I'd written, but my Yuletide story from 2010, Lesser Angels, was read by chemm80, and it has nifty cover art and a song and it's so, so cool to hear someone read your story. Somehow this story is the gift that keeps on giving -- it's probably the only time strangers have approached me to talk about a story I wrote, at a con.

(Podfic of) Lesser Angels by Gwyneth (20 words) by chemm80
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Justified
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Justified - Relationship, Raylan/Tim
Characters: Tim Gutterson, Raylan Givens, Art Mullen
Additional Tags: Podfic & Podficced Works, Podfic, Podfic Length: 20-30 Minutes, Audio Format: MP3, Audio Format: Streaming

After Bulletville, Tim gets the chance to know Raylan a little better.

2. I saw that my right front tire was really low when I came out of the market yesterday, and managed to get home to put the groceries away, even on the really badly paved roads in my area, and in my driveway I saw the nail in the tire. There was just enough inflation to get to the Les Schwab tire place about a mile away, and they were able to fix the tire, and they didn't charge me. I guess since I was a new customer, they gave it to me gratis -- which is a pretty good strategy, because you can bet I will be back when I need new tires. I'd heard their service was legendary, and it is definitely true.

3. The second-run theatre in Kent was still showing Captain America: The Winter Soldier this week, so I got to see it one last time with [personal profile] minim_calibre on Tuesday. That was my 21st time in the theatre.
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Wow, three days have got away from me like whoa, so I'm way behind on my 31 Flavors recs, but I'm going to try to catch up over the next few days. Today's rec was a bitch to track down, but I really wanted to rec this vid from Vividcon a couple years ago because it's stuck with me.

Girl in the War
Source: Justified
Artist: Josh Ritter
by amnisias

This vid just really hit me in the gut, just the way I like it. It's a really powerful look at Loretta and her relationship to Raylan (and to the people in Harlan who have affected her), and what happened to her during season 2. The girl in the war metaphor works surprisingly well here, and the song is already quite haunting, but amnisias has worked real magic in the clip choices here to make it hit even harder. I looooove Loretta and this vid was just a perfect examination of what has made her who she is.
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I have a ton of things I want to say about the Homeland finale, but I'm afraid of being all Miss Negativepants, so I'm thinking about it for a while. In the meantime, meme!!

That Yuletide meme )
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Here's my premiering vid from Escapade. At some point I'll write about the trip (blackbird777 and I went down early to do some adventuring) when I'm sufficiently recovered, which I am not at this point.

Heel on the Shovel
Artist: 16 Horsepower
Fandom: Justified
DL the 42MB Divx avi here (best quality)

Streaming here or embed below.

I owe a thousand million thanks to [personal profile] killabeez, who edited these two songs for me so that I could put them together to tell my Raylan story. She is the most wonderful song editor, and most wonderfullest person around.


Jan. 21st, 2012 12:09 am
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I owe many of you emails; I will respond, I promise, I've just been kind of hunkered down, trying to finish all the work that was giving me so much stress. I sent the last book off yesterday and spent the rest of the day screwing around. Wednesday was a month since Dad died, and it's starting to really feel bad; in the first few weeks, I didn't have time to feel the loss, but now it's really hitting me. It also doesn't help that Dad and I always checked in with each other when it snowed, and we've had major snow here in the Northwest, along with serious ice storm damage, and it was something we always talked about. I kept reaching for the phone, and I find myself doing that every day.

The service was really nice; thanks to everyone who provided me with music or ideas. I think it worked out really well. It was small and very few people said much, everyone was shy, I guess, but afterward we were there for a really long time talking to people. I saw some cousins I haven't seen in decades.

All I've really done, though, is start the balls rolling for all the paperwork and legal stuff, but with the somewhat paralyzing snow (I swear to god if I hear one more smug asshole transplant from some other part of the country go on about how stupid Seattleites are in snow I will cut a bitch; you cannot drive in half a foot of snow and ice up 16% grade hills and over frozen bridges, you dumbass hillbillies, and you should just go back where you came from) many people haven't been in offices. It feels like when he died -- the holidays then, with all the attendant excuses. It's just taking forever to get anything done. At least I finally got the death certificates so I could notify some people.

I'm glad that I'm finished with some of the work, so I can concentrate on other things. My house is a sty because of all the work not allowing me to clean, it's actually reached a (for me) gross stage. One of the nice things that happened was I had to get a new washer/dryer -- no, really, that was a good thing. When we did the remodel, they put in a utility closet room which they built to house my all in one unit, the little Euro combination washer/dryer in one.

I like them when I've used them in Europe, and I liked my friend's a lot, but the model I got, an Asko from Sweden, was one of the worst purchases I've ever made. At first it was plagued with problems from installation and bad information; then over time when it was settled, it just turned out to have so many problems, so many things going wrong, but I couldn't justify spending the money on something new and there were very, very limited options for what would fit in there. I was happy when it started really malfunctioning in the past year; well, not happy because it was burning my things in the drying cycle, but satisfied that I would have an excuse to get something new. I settled on the Bosch Axxis washer and condensing dryer (because they didn't put in a dryer duct when they put in the utility room), and they installed it ten days ago and all I want to do is laundry. I love it so, so much! It has changed my life. I can now put in heavy things without having to sit by the machine the whole hour or so to make sure it doesn't leap across the room! I don't have to worry that it's going to catch on fire! And I got the stacking kit that has a pullout shelf, so I can sort the things I want to line dry before I put something in the dryer.

The convenience of the all in one was lost on me, because I realized that as much as I often leave clothes in the washer till they mold, if I just stay on top of that more, it's better for me because I line dry most clothing, and only use the dryer for a few things. I'll save on everything, which means a lot to me. I'm always amazed at people who go to great lengths to live green, and will spend a lot of money to buy things that are ecological, but they won't update their appliances. Next up is a more efficient fridge, so I'm going to start saving for that.

So yeah, that's how sad my life is. I'm excited by a washer and dryer. There is seriously nothing else going on. Well, except Festivids. I'm really looking forward to the vids tomorrow. I'm especially hopeful for Southland and Justified vids -- with the series starting up this past week, I'm just more into them than ever and I really want to see some vids for them! Also, WHY is everything on AT THE SAME FRIGGIN' TIME? Justified, Southland, White Collar, and Tabatha Takes Over (which, with the new title, I almost missed because it wasn't on my season pass) are all on at the same time. My season passes are all fucked up and apparently the DirecTV tifaux doesn't know how to grab the second airing on cable shows, because they were all fucked up and weren't going to record Tabatha at all. I just don't get it. It used to be Thursdays, now apparently it's Tuesday night. I felt sad, too, because I dropped White Collar down on my priority list; I thought the new season started out with a whimper. There were some good moments, but it just fell flat, especially at the end. The bloom is off the rose, unfortunately, because of the plunder storyline, and I just want to punch Mozzie in the face instead of hug him, and don't care anymore. Bleh. Why did they do that? I hate them for making the show less appealing to me.

I spent a really nice day with Sandy's partner B last Saturday and we went to the eco home design place, and poked around at an antique mall. Man, I'm just missing Sandy so much. We have a Cannibals bash tomorrow, and they just feel so surreal to me now, without her there. B feels her presence, has visitation dreams and the like, and I never have had that with my sister or either of my parents, but I told her to please tell Snady to come visit me. I want to talk to her again, hear her hysterical laugh. The last email she sent me was about a story that she told me about in great shame; I told her to send me the link and she wrote in the subject line, "This is it: the most embarrassing fusion ever," and then the link, with the comment "I have to admit I adored it, but I don't think that speaks well of me..." I keep reading the email, but I don't want to read the story, because then it will be over and I won't have her to respond back to.

Augh. Nevermind me. I'm just a sad old worn out thing.
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Hello, my Festividding friend! This is my first year participating, though I am a looooong-time vidder. So I am very excited about this! As you can probably tell from my grotesque overuse of exclamation points!

I honestly don't have a lot to add to my information on the fandoms that I haven't already included in the details. I hope that the information about music ideas or the kinds of things I like in that fandom will be helpful, but most importantly, I hope you will have fun and put your squee for the fandom in the vid. That's what will make both of us happy! I am excite!

Some stuff about me and vids and my fandoms in case you want it )
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I nominated a bunch of things for Festivids; this pretty much means I'm participating, which could be really bad because things are not going well with my dad at all and I'm drowning in work, plus there's Yuletide, but I'm going to give it the old college try anyway.

I nommed:

Miami Vice
The Middleman
Catch and Release
Charlie Jade
La Femme Nikita (USA series)
Prison Break
The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension
The Jacket

I was genuinely surprised that Prison Break had not been on the list before. And some of those... well, I'm fairly certain I will be the only one offering or asking, just as I often am in Yuletide. Especially MDs -- my slashtastic show that only seems to encompass about three people in the whole world, and only one other person who seems to know the show as well as I do (looks wistfully at [personal profile] trelkez, the only person I think who has ever made a vid for it). I did post the only episodes that seem to be out there in this post and you can DL them and get caught up in the William Fichtner/John Hannah slashy goodness (PLUS bonus Jane Lynch pre-Glee). What are you waiting for? Go. Download. I'll wait.

I would love to make or receive a really creepy sicko vid of The Jacket, too. I have an idea but haven't been able to motivate myself yet to vid it because it's so wonderfully disturbing, so this might be good for me. And oh man, if I could make or get a Prison Break vid for Lang and Mahone, I would possibly perish of happiness. I love thinking of all these things. I have been watching the movie Catch and Release a bit lately -- Tim Olyphant has never looked more beautiful. Anyway. Lots to think about.

I have this big "Fuck you you fucking fucks" TV post boiling inside me but I have to go take care of a bunch of stuff. Related to some of my shows, or shows that will never be my shows because of the fucking fuckballs who run them. Maybe later. Every time I think about these things, I get so worked up. I need to go look at shoes and post shoe pics at my Tumblr.
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The season finale of Justified last night managed to maintain the whole explosiveness that they've kept up through all the episodes previously. I didn't know if they could, but damn, if they didn't bring their game again.

Spoilers want to just lean up against the doorjamb a little )
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So, my streak of never having come home from a con with con crud has now been broken -- I've been sick all the rest of this week with black plague -- or the bubons, as Jon Stewart was calling it last week. God, this is awful. It stayed in my lungs till last night, and as uncomfortable as it was hacking bits and pieces of my esophagus, at least I didn't have the chapped red nose and snot dripping all over the place that you get once it moves into your nasal passages. But move it did. The worst part was that yesterday, even though the skin-hurting, joint-aching part was diminished when I got up, I had an excruciating migraine on top of the coughing. It is really hard to fight vomiting when you're coughing severely. I've been a whimpering basket case.

But I have too much work to do to whimper too much, so I've been trying to get it done and just soldier on. In between I've been trying to deal with Dad's stuff, but this is turning out to be a lot more complex than I expected. It's hard to get his address changed with social security, insurance, etc. -- I don't know his account info like passwords and security prompts, can't ask him, and there's no place to actually go to talk to human beings about a lot of these things so I can show them DPOA and ID. At least with the bank and investments, I can do that.

He had an... episode before I left that really disturbed me, and I was pretty worried about him all weekend, but unable to get any kind of updates. I am so frustrated with everyone. Even hospice. No one calls me and updates me, and I have to wait forever to get callbacks from anyone. I just want some kind of answer about what his condition truly is, but no one seems to know. He recognized me when I visited on Tuesday even though he was really out of touch, but I haven't been back since because I'm so sick. There's something about not knowing if he's riding the crazy train or not that's distressing.

Been trying to catch up on TV while I've been working and lying around. Man, Justified is en fuego this season; I can't believe that when most series are having their sophomore slump, this show is actually getting better and better. I'm loving every second of it. Speaking of Justified, I've ended up with two sets of season 1 DVDs, thanks to a lovely gift from [profile] aka_arduinna, [personal profile] therienne, and [personal profile] merryish right around the same time I broke down and ordered one for myself. Rather than return my set, would anyone like it for cheap, say $10 for the set and postage?
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Got back from Escapade last night and since I pretty much got off the plane, my lungs have felt as if they're full of fluid. I have never come back from a con with con crud -- I've certainly brought it with me when I went to one, but I've never come home with it, and I still don't know if that's what's wrong or not. I am starting to feel like I have a fever, though, so maybe it is some weird kind of cold that's in my lungs first, which has never really happened before. It makes me nervous, what with my propensity for severe bronchitis.

I did more at the con than I expected to, but still not as much as I used to do, now that I'm apparently no longer part of the vid show. It's weird not to be enslaved to Saturday night setup. When we got in, Tina and I decided to go hiking in a canyon I read about in a recent book I copyedited about California waterfalls, and while the fall was quite tiny and unimpressive, the hike was lovely and a great way to see part of the Pacific Coast we haven't had a chance to before. This is something we do every year -- see a part of the LA area we've never been to, and each year it's different and unexpected and fun. Honestly, for this reason alone, it's worth going to the con, to be warm and surrounded by palm trees and see things you've never seen before.

There were some fun panels I sat in on, and I heard that my Yuletide Justified story was pimped in the Justified panel, which made me feel redonkulously happy. The Prison Break vid I posted a bit ago seemed to be well-received, and that made me feel pretty good, which was nice since I haven't had a lot of that in my life lately.

Best part of the con was that I got to meet [personal profile] ixchel55 in person, and she even said the Prison Break vid intrigued her enough to want to check it out -- that was the thing I most hoped for, that someone would be interested in possibly giving it a try, so yay, and that it was someone I adore, even better. This is why I always want to encourage people to go to cons -- meeting fellow fans, not having to explain yourself to people but just to be who you are in a friendly place, to hang out and watch and read and talk about the things you love most...it's worth every penny, especially when it's a break from a stressful life. And when it's California in February, well, bonus.

We had one day of bad weather, but the rest were nice (if a little chilly). I went for many walks along the beach, went shopping on Main Street, and petted a lot of dogs. Good times. Sunday night I had a little Oscar party in my room, which is always a nice way to unwind after a con. The worst part of the whole weekend actually turned out to be the drive to the airport on Thursday -- it had snowed quite a bit here the night before, and all the hilly streets here were covered in ice. I was utterly terrified the entire drive in, figuring the Shuttle Express van was going to crash horribly on the ice (me to driver as he starts up a hill by my house so steep I don't even walk up it when there isn't ice on it: "Do you have studded tires?" Driver, blithely: "No. But I've been out for three hours and haven't had any trouble so far." Me, interior monologue: OMG we're gonna die we're gonna die we're gonna die.)

I was sadder than usual leaving this year. The whole Sunday afternoon I was trying not to cry -- somewhat unsuccessfully at times. When I got home, I went to Shuttle Express for my van ride home (thankfully ice-free this time), and the driver took my suitcases and started walking past the vans, past the cars, waaay over to the other side of their area, and opened a door of a limo. I was all, "Whaaaaa?" but he put my stuff in the back, and the other couple going to my area did the same thing, and we laughed and laughed about it. The driver never did tell me why we got a limo for the price of a van, but it was my first real limo ride (longer than five minutes), and a lot more comfy than a van.

The kitties were only mildly interested in my being home, Olive mostly so she could get outside after five days of being trapped in the house with Blues. I think this is why I need a dog -- to actually appreciate me if I go away.
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Oh happy day, Raylan fucking Givens is back on my TV. I don't know whether to lie back and have a cigarette or cower in fear -- that was both satisfying and extremely disconcerting for the future.

Yay Justified )
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Wow, how much am I loving the promos FX is running for the new season of Justified during their re-airing of the series on Saturday nights? Thiiiiiiiiis much. I can't seem to find them online, which is really weird of FX, but they are so amazing -- the "die trying" is really incredible in its stillness, but the one I love most is the Star Wars one with Raylan talking about how Han Solo shot first. I love it when the fannish streams collide. OF COURSE Raylan would hold that dear.

There are a lot of new pics up at the FX site as well, including some new pics of Tim Gutterson. This makes me really happy. I can't wait to see more of him on the show, especially more of him and Raylan interacting. And the DVDs street on Tuesday for season 1. I don't know what to expect extras-wise, but I sure hope there's some juicy stuff.

In other fannish news... I have committed fic! This probably doesn't sound significant, but this is the first time in many years I have written anything that wasn't prompted by Yuletide. I really am behind on my book that I'm editing right now, but I just am soooo into Prison Break right now that I actually started a story that will probably turn out to be pretty lengthy. I haven't really been able to stick to anything since I finished Ciudad de Estrellas back in early '06 unless it was part of the exchange; after I started taking the antidepressants when my sister died, it seemed like doing much of anything that required concentration for long spans was outside my ability. It's kind of ... I don't know. It's an interesting feeling to set down words (over 800 so far!) on a page just of my own accord again.

Of course, there's no guarantee that they'll be good words, but at least they're words.
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Does anyone out there in flistland have any Justified story rec links they could point me to? I'd really like to read something in the fandom, but there's hardly anything on AO3 and what's there is lousy, and I really don't want to go to ff.net. I'm looking for something that's Raylan-centric, and well written. Even people's links pages who I know are fans are completely devoid of fic recs. Surely someone somewhere must have written something decent?

Spent the day today with lovely people watching Mag 7 at [personal profile] sdwolfpup's house. She even got us all sheriff's badges and fake moustaches to wear. We watched Ghosts of the Confederacy (the pilot movie), One Day Out West, Working Girls, and for [personal profile] brynnmck, the ep with her beloved Carl Lumbly playing Nathan's dad. It was a lot of fun to see the series through new viewers' eyes, and to watch it again after such a long time of not seeing it. I still love that show so very much. I miss having people to share the fandom with, so it was fun to have some people enjoy it and want to see more. I really need more new friends. There's nothing like sharing a fandom with people and spending time with them enjoying it.
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Would anyone be able to beta a Justified vid sometime in the next few days, depending on when I finish the first draft? I'm trying to finish this weekend, since the upcoming week is going to be pretty crazy busy, possibly the next few weeks, so I have a shorter turnaround than I usually ask. Ideally it would be someone who knows the show (this wouldn't be a good vid for someone without knowledge of the series) and knows my vidding style (not that I have a style, but I guess my general approach or something). I'm not looking for a super in-depth piece by piece dissection, but more of a second opinion about whether it's worth keeping or scrapping.

The rescue group contacted me about a corgi whose family had to give her up because of a back injury and she can no longer navigate their three-floor house. It's a foster to adopt situation. A full corgi is a bit more than I expected (since they are basically normal-sized dogs on short legs) size-wise, but I guess I will meet her this week and see. I'm kind of nervous. She needs a long period of crate rest, though, so she won't be active, but at least she has lived with kitties before, so that's good. I'm not going to get my hopes up, though.

I had a lovely dinner last night with [personal profile] killabeez and [personal profile] jarrow to celebrate [personal profile] trelkez's birthday, and had a chestnut puree panna cotta for dessert that was the nearest thing to heaven I think is on earth. It was divine. It's not a restaurant I'll ever have much opportunity to go to, and I am now sad, because I know that it is on the dessert list there, waiting to be eaten again.
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Been a long time since I posted. I keep thinking of things to say, and at night when I hit the pillow, I have these lengthy meta and review posts in my head, and they sound fantastic, but then the next day I have no desire to actually post anything.

In the past couple weeks I've been busy finalizing some freelance editing jobs, one of which was really difficult because the author couldn't be arsed to actually get anything done even remotely on time. I confess I just don't understand it -- getting a book published, for something you created and devoted your recent life to, is the dream come true of thousands of people. Yet he acted as though it was some kind of bee buzzing around his Pepsi can or something. But I also got to copyedit a friend's novel, which was awesome, and then I've been doing something I loathe, taking editing tests to try to get on with more publishers. I hate them so much. Thirty years in this field and I still have to take fucking tests. The two I've had this past week were heinous, too, and one I should have returned on Thursday, but I'm still not done -- I think I'm just going to finish up the editing part without a lot of work, and do a cursory whack at their two pages of notes and two pages of bibliography and send it back and tell them, essentially, that I have too much work at this time to take a 20 page editing test plus four pages of citations, so that should give them an idea of my abilities and they can take it or leave it. I'm just really tired of it all. I know I shouldn't be so cavalier about potential work, but...

I have another self-publishing author book coming up soon, anyways, and one of the tests people got back to me right away and want to add me to their freelancer pool. Hopefully something good will come of it, I don't know. They have the most convoluted system I've ever seen, but I guess if I can get consistent work, that will be good.

Because... I really do want to get a puppersons. That is my overarching desire right now. I have a feeler out about a cutie pie I saw online, but I haven't heard back... I didn't last time, either, so I worry that somehow these rescue folks aren't getting my mail. I know the kitties are going to go ballistic. But it's gotten so bad with both of them -- Olive won't even eat anywhere near him because he often bullies her away from her food -- that I don't know that adding a dog into the mix will be any worse. I don't know if cats go through terrible twos, but Blues sure has gotten worse and worse the past year. He's officially three now, but... sometimes he can be so awful I just don't know what to do with him. And I lose my temper with him really easily when he's bad, because he's just soooo bad and so recalcitrant about being good, which never helps.

Olive has been smelling like pee lately all the time, and I finally found out why yesterday -- at some point, she must have peed on her bed, which is an old egg-crate foam neck pillow I had someone make a cover for and the only thing she will deign to sleep on, and it's been sitting there moldering for I don't know how long now. When I took the fleece cover off to wash it, it was so revolting... and I threw it all out, but she's unhappy because it won't be for a few more days now till I get a replacement, and even longer before I get a new fleece cover. I discovered on Etsy that you can ask for custom things to be made! This is news to probably no one but me, but I was excited... and lots of people put bids in on the cover so I'm going to get one made for her.

Today I started working on a Justified vid. I'm so disgusted with myself -- I cannot figure out how to make the kind of effect I want to make, and I've googled and read and watched but still can't find anything like what I want to do. I know I'd have to use Motion, which is... really hard for me to understand, but if I could find anything like what I want to do, then I would at least have an idea of it. These are the times when I wish I had a pal with AfterEffects training or something. Curse my crappy personality that I have hardly any friends, let alone friends who know AfterEffects. ;-)

So it won't be quite what I want it to be, but I just want to make it anyway. I love looking at Raylan, and thinking about Raylan, and isn't that what makes the agony of vidding worth it? I'm working on an unusual POV for the vid, which I think will either be interesting or annoying to people, but I kind of like it... and it makes it a bit more of a challenge from a narrative perspective. Timothy Olyphant is so expressive, it's a joy to work with his acting. And also, he is teh sex.

And let's see, I guess that's it largely. I've just been really busy, having lots of trouble sleeping, trying to exercise more and lose some weight but not having any success, spending time with Dad, and planning some classes I'm going to teach this fall and next spring.

Oh, I finally bit the bullet and got a Blu-Ray player, but of course, I have no Blu-Ray discs to play. Got Avatar from Netflix though and watched it (man, that is a rant I will spare people, but boy, did I post a long diatribe about it in my head). I'm kind of pissed, though, in that both Panasonic and Netflix advertise being able to stream Netflix movies with this player, but nowhere do they tell you that if you want to use your wireless network, you have to buy a USB adaptor thingie that costs at the very minimum $70. Fuckers. I was so angry when I realized I had to buy that thing, so no Netflix streaming for a while until I either buckle to the pressure or get a different player. Guess that's why it was so much less at Costco! It's not really any skin off my nose to get the discs in the mail.

What are you up to these days?
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Gosh, I'm really really behind. This weekend was... overwhelming, and now I'm having all kinds of technical problems with the two books that are putting me further and further behind. So much for regular posting!

Day 27 - Best pilot episode
I think I would give this one to Miracles. Back in the day, when TV shows weren't uploaded to torrents, you kind of had to make a point to catch a show when it aired, and I was really intrigued by the sound of the episode description when it bowed. I also knew that was the show David Greenwalt had left Angel for, so I expected it to be good. I was completely blown away. From the beginning, with the accidental exhumation of the nun (I always think of Destina's "frosty dead nun eyes" here) to the extreme crisis of faith Paul has in the first moments, to the meeting between Paul and Alva, and then the car-train crash (I could NOT believe that they killed off their hero in the first episode!) with Paul's blood forming God Is Now Here, and then that cool Exorcist shot at the end with Paul going up the stairs... I was utterly and completely hooked. I wish so much this show could have come out on TNT or something like that, where they would have known what to do with it.

Um, I guess I should make a new web streaming copy of Darkness, Darkness and put it up, huh?

Day 28 - First TV show obsession
I'm not entirely certain how this differs from favorite childhood show, because to me, the feelings are pretty synonymous. So I will probably have to go back to Laredo, because I went to great lengths to try to watch it when I was young. If this means being in fandom and doing fannish activities, then it would probably be The Professionals -- we watched it on Canadian TV back in '78 and were so insane for it that we gathered every Friday night hours before it aired (at 12:00 am) and got prepped with the old piano-key VCR and all our snacks and drinks, and then immediately played it off the tape after it was over. Then we joined the Professionals fan club, which we saw advertised in the London Times (yes, I know, Times of London, whatevs) -- this was no small feat in 1978, trust me. I had the fan club posters and other crap all over my dorm room when I went to college, and everyone always asked me who they were.

Day 29 - Current TV show obsession
I miss the days when I felt that obsessed about things, you know? The closest thing I have to that is Justified, right now. That's really the only series I feel like, I have to see the new ep rightnowomgi'lldieifidon't. Even True Blood I've only just caught up on the first two eps today. Whatever it takes to make it work for me like Pros did once upon a time, Justified is the one show that really has it. And White Collar is somewhat close.
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Ah, this one is easy! Day 03 - Your favorite new show (aired this TV season)

I think anyone who knows me knows the answer will be Justified. I just... flaily hands. I can hardly talk about it sometimes, I love it so much. And if you've read my previous posts about it, you already know why. This show, I swear, was made for me -- it has everything I love and I can't believe the season is about to end next week and we'll have to wait another year for it to return. ::cries:: ::loves::

And because I am a crazy person, for some reason I do not yet have Justified icons. Timothy as Seth will have to suffice.


I've been meaning to post about this for days, and keep forgetting: For those of you who know about the incredibly awful news Sandy [personal profile] sherrold got recently about the return of her breast cancer, and you wish you could do something for her, please consider joining [community profile] stories_for_sandy. It's a community set up by [personal profile] talking_sock to provide links to fanfic, Kindle-ready reading material, original fic written for her (some of her fandoms and favorite story tropes are listed there), and maybe even some vid links to keep her spirits up and her mind off the terrible things she's going through.

There's not much in the world Sandy loves more than fandom and fanfic and vids and all the rest of it. She's the glue that has kept a lot of us together here in Seattle, and she taught me to vid, and I love her a lot. It's a totally free and easy and fun way to help someone get through some massively shitty stuff.
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It's been over a month since I posted anything. I haven't really felt like being around, and most of the time, what I really only feel like doing is commenting. I'm trying to deal with some... stuff. Yeah, you know, that kind of thing -- stuff that gets inside your head, kind of eely and squirmy and you don't really want to deal with it but you have to.

Major tl;dr about where I'm at these days, and why that's not here )

Yet what I really want to talk about is Justified!

Cut for Justified talk which may be spoilery )

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