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Having a good tine so far on my trip. Wednesday was kind of a wash -- got in late afternoon at National and I made the foolish mistake of checking my bag, and everything was a mess there from torrential rain and thunderstorms, so by the tine I got to my hotel, it was evening and time for dinner. My friend took me to a place by my hotel called Lincoln, which was outstanding and I loved the floor made entirely of pennies (always wish I could do that in a room at home). I was awake all night, unfortunately, and should have just given up and written but I kept thinking I could sleep, since I was so frigging tired.

First thing I did in the morning was head out to Dupont Circle so I could find Steve's apartment from Winter Soldier. Which I did -- I'd done the sleuthing beforehand and located the address, and it took me a bit of getting lost but I found it and posted pics of it to my Tumblr (I'm on my iPad or I'd link, but the username is teatotally). It was so fun to see it, and where he parked his bike. I'm such a fucking nerd. But what pissed me off were a couple of snotty people saying "oh yeah, I knew that" but fuck them -- why the hell did no one who knew where it was never post it? Why did it take me forever to sleuth it out? Geez, back in the day, we used to regularly tell people where things were filmed so other fans could make pilgrimages. Kids these days, I don't know. I also was not expecting all the reblogs and likes -- I thought maybe a couple friends might find it amusing, but apparently a hell of a lot of people wanted to know where Steve's apartment was.

After that, I went off to the Mall to find the tree where Sam and Steve meet cute. I knew it was on 3rd St., but I wanted to see if I could suss out the exact spots where they stood. That was fun. I stopped in after that to the National Gallery but there wasn't much new I hadn't seen before. Then my friend dragged me on this hot, sweaty chase for dinner all over town after taking me to a sherry and ham place called Mockingbird Hill. Yes, you read that right -- they specialize in sherry and ham. My friend has become chummy with the owners and bartender, and it was fun, but it was so fucking hot, and we got stuck next to this horrible young woman who was meeting a guy on a blind date or something -- they didn't know each other, at least. As soon as Keith and I got out, we both were like, "I wanted to tell him to RUN" and save himself. I hate slagging off other women like that, but she was just poisonous and definitely ruined what should have been a nice time.

Anyways, we finally got dinner at a nice place called Proof, another hangout of his, and then in the morning we headed off to NY on the Acela train. Not cheap, but fast. The hotel gave me an upgrade to a lovely king suite, and I actually finally got more than an hour of sleep. We went off to the High Line today and both ended up exhausted, but he's kind of a baby and I have to wait to see now if he'll be less crabbypants after a nap so we can go get dinner proper later tonight. Last night it sounds like he had fun on his own while I went off to [personal profile] cesperanza's house, including, I guess, striking up conversations with actors from Book of Mormon and hanging out and buying them drinks. But I was having Winter Soldier FEELZ with Ces and others, so I think I win.

I wish I had one more day here so I could meet up with others, but we have to head back at some point. I have one more full day in DC and then most of early Tuesday before an evening flight home. This is definitely my Winter Soldier vacation -- aside from talking about it last night with other fans, doing the location scouting, I got in the cab Thursday night and it was playing on the tv screen in the cab, and I keep seeing these Starz promo ads that feature it prominently. It follows me around!
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