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I have a ton of things I want to say about the Homeland finale, but I'm afraid of being all Miss Negativepants, so I'm thinking about it for a while. In the meantime, meme!!

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It's been such a busy few weeks, and getting busier -- two potential jobs coming on top of a new book I got today that is the first for a major travel book publisher. I'm very nervous about this one -- even though it sounds like I passed their (insane) test with flying colors, I still feel like it's a lot of work and very unfamiliar territory. The copyediting isn't really, in many respects, the big issue, it's more about the codes. They have the most convoluted typecoding system I've ever seen, and every single thing is coded, so the page is a morass of complicated Quark codes. Still, they give new CEs and proofers 2 hours of paid time on top of the estimated time for the book, so you can peruse their lengthy guides and codes and whatnot.

It's something I'm going to have to do on the couch, because I still can't sit here in my office for very long. I finally ended up at a new chiropractor -- I have always been afraid of chiropractic care because it just seems so incredibly dangerous to have people jerking your spine around, and every time they snap your neck, I am totally skeered that I'm going to be paralyzed for life. But the first time I went to one I was in so much pain that I literally couldn't move, someone had to help me walk from my office chair to my car so I could get to the place, and I instantly felt relief in a way that muscle relaxants and pain pills hadn't given me. I've only been a few times since then, and it took a lot for me to go this time, but my acupuncturist sent me to her guy, and already things are a tiny bit better.

But this time I'm in it for a longer haul -- they're working with me on costs and stuff, so I can do this, but I really wasn't surprised when he showed me how badly out of whack my hips and lower back are on the X-rays. I know it's going to be more than a few treatments; we're talking about probably three to four months before I begin to get a little better. The hard part is taking it easy -- like right now, there is so much work, and the yard is a mess, and so on ad infinitum. Plus, honestly, I'd really like to do something fun, like writing or vidding; not to mention that Yuletide is coming up (although apparently I completely missed all the deadlines for Festivids, c'est la vie).

I have started writing in one of my blogs but it's not much so far, I'm mostly trying to get back in the swing of things. For weeks I was a nervous wreck about this workshop I was doing on Saturday, and it's such a relief now that that's over with and seemed to go well, allowing me to concentrate on funner things. And I even started a tea blog just for the hell of it so I could keep track of all my tea tastings. Which means I'm not without some creative output, but it's not necessarily fannish in nature and I kind of miss that.

The hard part is just that there's nothing that really makes me feel that incredible rush of fannish love right now. I feel like I need to talk about my love/less than love with Fringe right now (I'm so torn! There's Charlie and Broyles in hot, tight black t-shirts in the alternaverse, but I really don't like the alternaverse! I don't like alternaLivia! Walternate creeps me out in a bad way! But then... then they do things like the twin storyline, which just... well, come on. Those of you who know me will know how deeply that story touched me --I was pretty much a blubbering idiot afterward). I'm waiting for next season of Justified. New Burn Notice this week. Chuck is... I don't know what Chuck is right now for me.

Until end of January, I have all the pay premium cable stations, which means I've been able to watch Boardwalk Empire and Dexter in real time (and was able to catch the end of True Blood in real time, too, which was awesome), and Dexter is intriguing me a lot this year (though I am seriously hoping they don't do with Lumen what they've done with everyone else who knows about Dex in the past, I think it would jump so far past the shark if they follow formula here), plus there's bonus skeevy Peter Weller, which is awesome.

Yet even with all this bounty o' TV, I don't feel that heart-fluttering need for fannish content the way I used to. Where is my Buffy equivalent, or my Mag 7 or Fast and Furious passion? I don't know. Maybe it's just that I'm so lonesome lately, and I don't have anyone nearby me to share passions. Most of the shows I watch, I used to watch with other people. That would certainly help a lot. I don't even really have online communities I feel part of for that. I wonder if at Escapade I'll feel as dissociated as I did last year? There's a lot to be said for having fan friends... I'm looking forward to watching Mag 7 with some newbies in a few weeks and seeing how people react to it (and keeping fingers crossed for some fannish interest).

I know some of it is the time of year, too -- as the birthday creeps ever closer, and the feeling that I have nothing to do on that day (everyone's usually busy or gone on T-day weekend) but sit home alone and be reminded that sis_r is gone, overwhelms me, it adds a lot of gloom to an already dark, dreary time of year. I just feel so isolated and alone, and having to be home, resting my back so often makes me feel like even more of a shut-in. I wish there were fun things to do in November. A lot of times I've gone up to Vancouver for my birthday, but this year the person I usually go with is gone. And anyhoo, I have this new job, which is due the day after.

So, I need to go ice my back, and start reading all this material on coding and processes and what have you. Fifty pages of basics, and that doesn't even count the manuscript!
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OMG, loved Chuck last night so much. Chuck the show, Chuck the guy, Chuck the spy with training wheels. But the best part of all was )
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It is more joy day! Yay! I have a very meager entry for more joy, and it's probably only going to give me joy because these are some of my favorite grrls out there. BUT. I have long enjoyed other people's Fights Like a Girl icons, and have wanted to make some for my favorite ladies, many of whom have sadly been kind of forgotten these days. I have some more I want to make a little later, but my arm is killing me at this point, so here are just 8 girl fighting icons with some current and distant faves. Take, share -- I'm not the best artist in the world and not very skilled with p-shop, but I love playing around anyway.

Fight like girls )
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The past few days it's been in the mid to high 50s here, and today feels even warmer, though it says it's not even 55. It's very hard for me to believe that about ten days ago, I was freezing my limbs off on a Civil War battlefield or feeling my face crack and come apart on the streets of NYC. Sometimes I still marvel at the way things are in modern day life. I mean... in one day you can be stuck in the hell of the trapped passengers in New Jersey, and then basking in the warmth of rainy Seattle. We take so much for granted. I do. I think of that fabulous interview on Conan where Louis CK notes that everything's amazing and nobody's happy: we're sitting in chairs in the sky!

Anyway! Today is a good day. Why? Because it is post-Chuck season premiere, and suddenly everything is right with the world, and also, it is Southland on TNT premiere day. And on Thursday, there will be a new show with Mark Valley about a comics character I don't know well but was always kind of intrigued by, called Human Target. I love Mark from Keen Eddie, especially, but I'm a bit nervous because it's on Fox... which killed Keen Eddie. Although he was also on Fringe, which they seem intent on keeping. Who knows.

So, Southland, if you didn't watch it before NBC ditched it, is an excellent gritty cop show that started a bit slowly for me, but quickly became a favorite in its short run. It's somewhat famous right now because NBC filmed a short run of episodes for 2nd seasons, then pulled it and cancelled it before they ran any of them. TNT is the right place for it, and the big plus is no bleeping of swear words, which the show does use quite a bit. If you don't know whether to check it out tonight, read [personal profile] umbo's excellent Southland pimping post for a most excellent list of reasons you SHOULD watch Southland. My own particular favorites in the show are Michael Cudlitz (Bull Randleman on Band of Brothers) as Cooper, a canonically gay patrol cop who is one of the most complex characters I've seen on a cop show like this, and Regina King as Lydia, who is just... well, she is one badass, caring, smart, emotional detective and wow does she wield a mean shotgun. It's not always even in quality, but it's very much like Hill Street Blues in that respect, and when it's good, it's SO good. Watch it! So TNT will make more new episodes after they've run all the ones already in the can.

And then there's Chuck. OMG you guys. I am just so happy. I wasn't sure how they were going to pull it off, with Chuck 2.0, but... they're doing a wonderful job. I love how bewildered he is by what's in his head now and how he can't control it very well, and I think the journey with him learning to do that, and accept being a spy and saving the world, is just a wonderful progression for the show and the character. And it still makes my slashy and hetty heart happy -- the look on Casey's face when he saw Chuck again was... fascinating, I thought, and I am even more in love with Capt. Awesome now than ever before. When they ruined Bones a while back, I lost my happy place, and that's when I turned to Chuck for that, and it's not letting me down in that department at all, I must say. It makes me happier than just about any other show right now, and part of that is its calorie-freeness, I know, but it makes a great dessert to the other more serious stuff I watch.

It seems like now I have the more substantial dinner portions of the evening, and then the light portions like Chuck and Castle and White Collar, and that's a really good mix right now. OTOH, my favorite reality show, Tabatha's Salon Takeover, has its final episode of season 2 tonight, and I will be bereft without her. I LOVE Tabatha. She's the kind of person I wish I could be -- take charge, smart, super competent, doesn't let people's bullshit get her down. This season has been a lot of fun and I will miss her a lot.
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OK, first things first: I was wrong, but most importantly, YOU were right. It's true that pinch-hits don't mean Christmas blues. I got not one, but FOUR freaking stories, and apparently there are more Madness stories still to come. I'M NOT WORTHY. And it sounds like possibly the person who defaulted still put the story up, and it sounds like something terrible happened (so of course now don't I feel like a shitheel). And they are all great.

My pressies, let me show you them!!!

So, I get these two wonderful Christmas cakes of Buckaroo Banzai.
Saddle Up is a wonderful post-movie depiction of Buckaroo's intentions of bringing Rawhide back to life. And just about anyone at the Institute in the movie makes an appearance, and there's this wonderful little pun of Johns who come to help.
and then
The Adventures of Rawhide: Navigating An End and a Beginning (With Bloody Feet) is a look at the post-Peggy Buckaroo, with glimpses back to how Rawhide met him and some adorable case-file names and nemeses. It's beautifully written and I'm thrilled.

And more cake! MORE CAKE, PEOPLE! White Collar cake, to be precise.
The Great God-Daughter Caper has Neal and Peter chasing around looking for Peter's missing 16-year-old god-daughter and being Neal and Peter together. Aaaaaaahhhh.

So there's the cake and then I get this SURPRISE FROSTING. My little fandom that there are hardly any others who have even seen it, the fandom where I was the only one who mentioned it this year (last year I bullied someone else into offering it, but this year it was just my lone request, no offers), MDs, and someone wrote me a Bruce/Robert story with smut! I AM SO HAPPY. Happy happy frosting. It's called What's Worth Keeping and you know what? THIS STORY is worth keeping!

And then there was a cherry! A little Chuck ficlet called Reverse Surveillance where Chuck might just turn the tables on Casey watching him all the time. EEEEEEEE. Chuck and Casey.

I am going to be sitting on that horrible plane and in the horrible airports just thinking about these stories and being happy, so watch out air travel, you can't get me down now! I dare you! I HAZ BUCKAROO, WHITE COLLAR, MDs, AND CHUCK STORIEZ!
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Sorry for the lengthy delay, my dear Yuletide writer. Busy weekend!

In general, I will just be very happy to have a story to wake up to on the high holy day of the Winter Shopping Festival. It will be wonderful to see that someone else cares about my fandoms, too. I hope that you will write what you enjoy, and my details in the Yuletide signup are pretty much my main points of interest or concern. Everything else here is just the gravy -- makes something taste better and has lots of yummy fat, but it's not necessary to the enjoyment of the main items. I can be pretty sure you're not here for my fandom of one, MDs, so I won't spend too much time on that one.

Details about my fandom requests )
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OMG, I 3> Chuck from last week and this week so, so much. But AUGH, everything seems like it's setting up for a complete ending because they know they're being cancelled for realz. NO!!!!! I cannot live without my happy-place Chuck. I will have no more happy places left.

How awesome was Capt. Awesome? )
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As we wait for the Yuletide unveiling, I wanted to rec a couple stories from last year, for Chuck, which I stumbled on in some intrepid Chuck-fic research last night (I don't think I realized it would be a fandom for me at this point last year).

Casey vs. the Dorks is here. Yeah, there are some errors in here, but overall the voices are excellent (I especially love the Nerd Herders).

"When bored, the Nerd Herd turned on its own in a harmless but still deeply annoying fashion."

"His smile was chilling as he bore down on Chuck and Morgan, both of whom remained rooted to the spot in a fantastic display of poor survival skills."

And a slightly longer, porny Casey/Chuck slash, Chuck vs. the Itch, is adorable in the calculated way Casey decides to go after Chuck.

"It's really simple. Somehow you've gotten under my skin like a bad itch. And the best way to ease an itch is to scratch it."


I have such rotten cabin fever that I think I will go mad. The cats are certainly going mad. I walked up to the grocery store, very carefully, this afternoon just because I couldn't stand it anymore. I walk up to the store all the time, almost every day if weather allows, and I felt very petty and small sometimes, watching a lot of my neighbors walking up there too. They're the people I see drive to the store, which is about six blocks away and very walkable, as often as I walk, in their goddamn SUVs, and all I could think was, well, here we are in our hell of climate change, and it's people like you who've put us here. I expect we'll have much more unusual weather in our future and I definitely don't believe this will be the last of it for a long time, which so many people seem to think, judging by the TV and the talk at the store around me.

OTOH, my icicles on the front of the house are freaking spectacular, and huge, and I find them endlessly entertaining. I've been cleaning house a lot today, because it's gotten so horrid in here. I don't like clutter but I can live with it for a while until I snap, but I hate dirt, and I had both dirt and clutter, so I snapped and did as much as I could. I can't dust though, because of all the Christmas decorations, but I'm itching to do that.

I hope the rest of you who're in places where there's a snowmageddon going on are safe and warm, and those of you who are in places where it's quite nice, well... ptttthhh. ;-)
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So... I've waited four days, and still no posts on my flist about Chuck Monday night? Really?? Am I the only one still watching it? I can't be, I think I remember seeing people post about loving the show. Maybe I'm the only one who likes all three of the main leads, including seeing a potential for Chuck/Casey (not to mention a 3some with Chuck/Sarah/Casey)?

Surely there must be fic after that? )

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