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This was definitely the most active fan fiction year I've had in a very long time. A lot of people know that when my twin sister died some years ago, my creativity sort of died as well -- I've participated in Yuletide and made vids, but it's been a serious struggle to write. Downright agonizing. But I've plugged along, writing something outside of Yuletide for the first time last year when I wrote a little Loki & Pepper Avengers story.

And it was the same kind of year, going along, making vids, until July happened. I didn't expect it, but man did I fall hard for Pacific Rim. I was just obsessed, still am, and it's been weird, because I don't know anyone else in the fandom with my pairing interest that I can spend time around talking about it, or anyone who's at the obsesso level I still am at. I'm the kind of person who really needs to squee with people. Still, I have a third part of a story kind-of series coming up, and more vids I want to make, and I guess you could say Pacific Rim changed my life, because suddenly, for the first time since my sister died, I felt like I could create, I felt the overwhelming DESIRE to create, particularly in writing. I can't tell you how monumental that feeling has been, and I wish I could share it with people.

Yuletide reveal and year in review for fic and vids )
And I guess that's it? Not too bad for someone who's had such a hard time creating.
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Planning on doing a con report later, and I can't get access to my Club Vivid premiere vid since my hard drive won't mount, but here is the premieres vid and streaming version. I decided this year to go old skool even though I knew it wouldn't connect with people at the con, just because I've wanted to make this vid for literally 20 years and for various reasons, never could. But [personal profile] killabeez apparently likes editing music, so I asked her to edit Red Rain for me, and it finally all came together. The one thing that makes me sad is that Sandy and I used to talk about this vid idea constantly back in the days when we had no way to get decent source, and it's hard to finally make it without her. The best I could have hoped for was that the audience wouldn't laugh, but I expected in a way that some people might find it funny. One person did ask me, very nicely, if it was supposed to be serious or funny, and I appreciated that she asked -- I consider any interpretation of vids as valid, but of course, you don't necessarily want people to sneer at things, either.

Anyway, here it is: (the link to the DL will be a bit delayed until a bit later today)

Red Rain
Fandom: Miami Vice
Artist: Peter Gabriel
Summary: Sonny Crockett's life is basically just one long terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day.

Streaming: here

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I had to take Olive to the vet today to have some teeth extracted -- this makes the second kitty in the past five months to have major dental work done and extractions. Neither was something I'd budgeted for, but I could see the bleeding holes in their teeth, so I know it was something that had to be done. I wish these two weren't so fucking psycho about having me touch their mouths -- I brushed Emma's teeth her whole life, and even though it was difficult, she didn't turn into a Tasmanian devil over it, and her teeth never had problems. Anyways, she won't have anything to do with me. When Blues got the antibiotic and pain shots, he was loving and hilariously stoned; Olive is just even warier of me than ever and can't seem to sleep. She just sits and stares out the window. She's such a good kid, I hate having to hurt her so much.

I still haven't loaded my pics from Boston and London yet. I am just so far behind. The two books I've been proofing both came in late, so I'm under really stressful deadlines. I am also desperately scrambling to finish my premieres vid for VVC, due in a couple days, and then today we lost power in a cool thunderstorm when lightning hit a major power line in my area. Fortunately I could keep working on my book without power, but I had been sitting there trying to figure out some clips for the next section of the vid and then blam. It's the first time though that I've ever seen the lightning bolt hit the power source -- it was kind of fascinating. I was watching out my kitchen window when the strike came, and there was a flash of light over the hill, and the lights went on and off for a while and then finally just out. We don't have these much in the Pacific Northwest, so it's always kind of spectacular. We got our power back after a few hours, much faster than the SCL said we would (they initially said tomorrow around noon). I have to give them kudos for doing it so quickly, but my vidding mojo was gone by the time it was back and now I'm staring hopelessly at my timeline.

So, I don't have much that I feel fannish about these days, and this year pretty much all my shows were either 1) disappointing me a lot, b) ending either by shutting down or being canceled, or III) taking a turn for the dark. Warehouse 13 has been one of the few happy places I had on TV -- I don't really pay a lot of attention to the plots, but I like the interactions of the characters. Last week's show, though, introduced a really personally painful plot element DO NOT WANT ) DO NOT WANT.

And speaking of my vid, would anyone be interested in rush betaing a Miami Vice vid? I'm not finished with it and I will be working down to the wire, but I think it's pretty awful and I could use another eye. The thing is, I've talked about this vid for YEARS with Snady, and then [personal profile] killabeez edited the song for me, and so I finally could make the vid I wanted to, but putting it together just turned out to be...well, maybe with Sandy at my shoulder it would be a good vid. It probably would. But without her here, it's just floundering. The ideas I've carried around for all these years don't seem to work, or mesh, or carry off. I suppose it was just too much of a burden for the poor vid to carry. But god I miss Snady. She would figure it out and gently point out to me what was wrong and make me laugh about it.
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I nominated a bunch of things for Festivids; this pretty much means I'm participating, which could be really bad because things are not going well with my dad at all and I'm drowning in work, plus there's Yuletide, but I'm going to give it the old college try anyway.

I nommed:

Miami Vice
The Middleman
Catch and Release
Charlie Jade
La Femme Nikita (USA series)
Prison Break
The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension
The Jacket

I was genuinely surprised that Prison Break had not been on the list before. And some of those... well, I'm fairly certain I will be the only one offering or asking, just as I often am in Yuletide. Especially MDs -- my slashtastic show that only seems to encompass about three people in the whole world, and only one other person who seems to know the show as well as I do (looks wistfully at [personal profile] trelkez, the only person I think who has ever made a vid for it). I did post the only episodes that seem to be out there in this post and you can DL them and get caught up in the William Fichtner/John Hannah slashy goodness (PLUS bonus Jane Lynch pre-Glee). What are you waiting for? Go. Download. I'll wait.

I would love to make or receive a really creepy sicko vid of The Jacket, too. I have an idea but haven't been able to motivate myself yet to vid it because it's so wonderfully disturbing, so this might be good for me. And oh man, if I could make or get a Prison Break vid for Lang and Mahone, I would possibly perish of happiness. I love thinking of all these things. I have been watching the movie Catch and Release a bit lately -- Tim Olyphant has never looked more beautiful. Anyway. Lots to think about.

I have this big "Fuck you you fucking fucks" TV post boiling inside me but I have to go take care of a bunch of stuff. Related to some of my shows, or shows that will never be my shows because of the fucking fuckballs who run them. Maybe later. Every time I think about these things, I get so worked up. I need to go look at shoes and post shoe pics at my Tumblr.
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Futbol fever, I has it! I always get so excited. Of course, the time difference means massive time-shifting on the matches, so I won't necessarily see them at any point close to when they're being played. I could get up at 7 in the morning and go up to the pizzeria near here to watch, though. It's so, so exciting to know that it's finally being played in Africa. I don't know who I favor this cup, but I do know that as usual I won't be rooting for those bullies, the Italians. ::shakes fist at Juventus::

If there's anyone local who wants to watch some matches on the plasma, let me know!

Today is Day 12 - An episode you've watched more than 5 times

Ha ha ha ha. Five times. For me, that's the bare minimum of times I'd watch any episode I liked of a show I liked. Try 15. Also, vidders are people who watch episodes dozens of times for clipping, ideas, etc., so as a vidder, I laugh.

But for content? For the sheer love of it? I could pick hundreds of episodes, but I think I will go with Miami Vice's Score/Golden Triangle (which, sadly, is a naming convention only us old folks will remember, because for reasons I don't understand, Universal has taken to calling them Golden Triangle I & II. Gah). This was such a complex, tricky, constantly unfolding story, going from one point at the beginning and then veering into entirely different directions through careful plotting and pacing. It was sheer genius, and the kind of textbook thriller movie writing that should be taught in screenwriting classes everywhere. Crockett and Tubbs begin the episode undercover as hotel security, and get caught in a web of drug and people trafficking that results in us finding out about Castillo's wife (best surprise ending ever), and then turns into a backstory on Castillo, which morphs into a story of personal reVENge (TM, Lezlie Shell) and redemption and lost love and the best sending the woman off on a plane to be with another man even though you are so in love with each other ending since Casablanca. It was always so cut up on syndication (and I assume they renamed it for syndication because they were too stupid to put an episode called Score together with an episode called Golden Triangle in the scheduling process), where they inevitably took out the scene where Crockett and Tubbs go to Castillo and he reluctantly sanctions them to help him stop General Lao Lee (based on the real kingpin of the Golden Triangle back in the '80s, btw).

At least they usually kept the scene in where Castillo finds out who "ratted his team out" in Thailand, and chokes a guy almost twice his size nearly to death, with one hand in his pocket, while Crockett pulls him off the guy and calls him Marty. Ah, good times.
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Here's a couple of top fives that people asked for -- it really does help the day go by faster when you can try to think of these things! More to come as I can think of them.

Top 5 sucker punches/cold-cocks for kadymae )

Top 5 Nikita moments for kirbyfest )

Top 5 moments of Sonny Crockett awesome for cereta )
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Ooo, [ profile] sdwolfpup had a great TV meme today that I am gakking and filling out, because I don't want to think about things like impending joblessness and etc. I'm sure it will contain spoilers because so many people think even your opinion is a spoiler, so you are warned.

Also, there is still time to send me anonymous comments in her vidding truth meme -- you can say nice things or tan my hide, or both, and stay hidden!

TV watching memes are always fun )
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OMG! [ profile] movies_michelle, [ profile] feochadn, the Miami Vice season 4 discs have the dream on the beach!! I can make my vid after all, and I don't have to wait!! I would have sworn that dream scene was in the first ep of S5, but it's in Mirror Image instead. w00t! I win at DVDs!

And btw, it looks so good. Now we don't have to wait till end of June.
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For my, what? Three flist fellow Miami Vice fans, [ profile] mlyn sent me this publicity pic this morning and it is so, so cute! (If only there were a photo like this of Don and Edward James Olmos! My little Crockett/Castillo heart would burst.) I thought I'd seen pretty much all the Vice publicity, but I have never seen this one.

Cute cops! )
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Ever since I heard that Michael Mann was making a Miami Vice movie, I have been gritting my teeth in agony. The show was so iconic of its time, so indelible to the '80s, its ethos and mindset, so groundbreaking in so many ways (seriously -- I could count the ways, but you probably don't want to read my dissertation on why it changed the face of TV any more than you want to hear my list of things I have to do on the house), that the idea of it becoming a two-hour movie just to capitalize on the nostalgia craze for remaking old TV shows into theatrical movies just makes my blood boil. And that it was the series' producer doing it just kind of made me even sicker.

The worst part, the nail in the coffin, though, was casting the execrable Jamie Foxx as Ricardo Tubbs. I could almost kind of handle the fact that Mann was redoing his own creation (and I want to point out that even though he's the name most heavily associated with it, the person who really did the creating and the development was Anthony Yerkovich), and honestly, Colin Farrell might not have been my first choice to update Sonny Crockett, but he's not a bad choice, and he certainly has the acting chops needed to portray a guy whose undercover life is slowly destroying him mentally and emotionally. But I have never been that impressed with Foxx and have in fact actively come to loathe him -- I don't like his face, I hate the fact that he's there more for the party than for the acting, and so this story from Slate yesterday made me ridiculously, schadenfreudily happy. Poor widdle Jamie and his entourage got scared by macho Michael Mann. It makes my heart happy.

I'm one of Mann's biggest fans, but yes, anyone who works with him has to know going in that he can be a bully and an ass. He flies totally by the seat of his pants, but that's part of his genius, and like most movie geniuses, he fails as often as he succeeds. His visual virtuosity is what made the series so successful -- it was like nothing anyone had ever seen back then, and in a lot of ways, people are still mimicking what he did on a TV series 20 years ago in movies today. And I guess it's both a testament to his creativity and grudgingly a testament to Foxx that they're gearing up for a third movie together. I will be the first person to stand up and say that although Philip Michael Thomas, who played Tubbs, was really not a good actor, he was very believable as the character and he definitely had his moments. And Jamie Foxx just isn't Tubbs. He simply isn't. Farrell can be a decent simulacrum of Crockett, but Foxx is just never going to embody the softer qualities of Tubbs.

I won't watch MV the movie. I certainly am not going to pay for it -- though if Foxx hadn't been in it, I might have, at least when it shows up on TV. I can see some of Mann's standard shots in it in the commercials (I haven't seen the trailer, and don't really want to) -- including the helicopter over the city shot from above, sliding down through the frame, sparkling light below it, which he used in both Collateral and Robbery Homicide Division, his short-lived return to TV a couple years ago and the show [ profile] feochadn and I made our vid Streets on Fire to. (Still one of my favorite things we've ever done, and never downloaded off my site. Sigh.)

Miami Vice the series was just way, way too important to me. It was the first thing after the Professionals had stopped airing on Canadian TV, back around 1980, that perked up that fannish gene in me ( four-year dry period!) and made the radar go beep beep beep. When I first met feochadn, in fact, I'd just rediscovered the fannish feelings that had been dormant for such a long time, so I'd made an effort to try to get copies of the old eps (sadly, my partner at the time recorded over all the old Vice eps we had on tape, the bastard), and we would go on, shouting at each other over our excited memories of the series. And it's stayed that way for me -- I have written fic, and may someday write more, and I have about four vids in my head but can't make them because there are only two seasons on DVD, and I'm not sure if there will be more. It appears that Universal is abandoning it, though it's hard to tell, they are such a stupid studio when it comes to TV shows on disc.

And the basic truth is, I don't understand this desire to keep mining television shows for "udpates" with new actors. It just makes no sense to me at all. I know there were people who enjoyed the Starsky & Hutch movie, but I can't help thinking it's because it was a spoof of the series more than anything. But the hash of Wild Wild West, the joke that was Lost in Space, the bomb of Bewitched, and so on and so on and so on, just leaves me gobsmacked at the total failure of creativity and shallow greed. And yet, more of these will be made, even though they often bomb, because one hit like the S&H movie with a good opening weekend keeps the brainless execs coming back for more in the hopes they'll have that one good opening weekend.

And I have no idea what to even make of it when one of those execs is, like Mann, an integral part of what made the series so spectacular in the first place. These days, all people think about Vice is the clothes and the cars. They focus on the cheese. They don't even really understand, because they dismiss it as just a relic of the '80s, how amazing the series was. It had started to decline in its third season, when it was all about hipster guest stars, but by the end of fourth season they pulled it back (largely because Mann came back) with a shocking and incredibly written story arc that had Sonny shooting a (for all we knew, unarmed) guy in cold blood, then being subsumed into his undercover identity so far he almost didn't come out -- and nearly killed his best friend and partner. The series ended badly (with Ian McShane, of all people, playing a Latin American bad guy), and I think, not as true to its nature as it should have, but even at that point, it was still miles above the rest of the stuff on TV. And it should be allowed to rest in peace that way, and not get "updated" with today's flavors of the month just to line someone's pockets.

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