Sep. 3rd, 2017

gwyn: (box o kittens rahirah)
I am hooooome. Home sweet sweet home. I thought they would spring me yesterday but apparently the two doctors didn't agree on my condition so they kept me another night. Friday night was actually pretty bad with a lot of bloody drama (literally--my IV and shit tons of blood) but I had massive nausea and struggled to eat all day Saturday , and had a little temperature plus low blood pressure

But today I got out and of course I was so excited that I left the discharge instructions in the room so killabeez had to go back up to the hospital to get them since it was a holiday weekend and wouldn't be emailed till Tuesday. And it's four fuckthousand degrees out so that's definitely a pain.

I got some really good news though in spite of everything:they were able to get lab results and the cancer appears to have not spread into the wall of the colon or the lymph glands. Which means, hopefully, that it's just followup care and rechecks later, not further treatment or surgery. So that was awesome and makes getting through these first days easier.

Mr Blues has barely paid attention to me. All he cares about is that he can go outside again. Food is a bit of challenge but watermelon chunks are one thing that doesn't fill me with existential dread and magically killa had bought watermelon before bringing me home! So I'm all set up thanks to friends and Jo has been watering my plants and today brought a huge bouquet of sunflowers and dahlias over.

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