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This was definitely the most active fan fiction year I've had in a very long time. A lot of people know that when my twin sister died some years ago, my creativity sort of died as well -- I've participated in Yuletide and made vids, but it's been a serious struggle to write. Downright agonizing. But I've plugged along, writing something outside of Yuletide for the first time last year when I wrote a little Loki & Pepper Avengers story.

And it was the same kind of year, going along, making vids, until July happened. I didn't expect it, but man did I fall hard for Pacific Rim. I was just obsessed, still am, and it's been weird, because I don't know anyone else in the fandom with my pairing interest that I can spend time around talking about it, or anyone who's at the obsesso level I still am at. I'm the kind of person who really needs to squee with people. Still, I have a third part of a story kind-of series coming up, and more vids I want to make, and I guess you could say Pacific Rim changed my life, because suddenly, for the first time since my sister died, I felt like I could create, I felt the overwhelming DESIRE to create, particularly in writing. I can't tell you how monumental that feeling has been, and I wish I could share it with people.

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And I guess that's it? Not too bad for someone who's had such a hard time creating.
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I have a wrap-up post to make about my trip, but for now I'm posting my premiering vid from VidUKon. I was so amazed that there were people at the con who knew the series, and that even some of the people who didn't grokked what the vid was doing.

Pick Up the Phone
Fandom: Awake
Artist: The Notwist
File: 39.9MB avi
"If you're telling me that the price of seeing them, feeling them...of having them in my life is my sanity, then that's a price I will happily pay."

Streaming at YouTube here, and embed below

Beta vid?

Mar. 21st, 2013 10:56 pm
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Is there anyone who'd be willing to beta a vid for the series Awake (from last year, starring Jason Isaacs). It'd be ideal if you know the series, but if I can't get someone who does, it's probably good if you can parse vids marginally well.

I'm finally back among the land of the living. Not going to say I'm in great shape, but I'm at a point where I cough only when I'm active or talking a lot. It's kind of amazing to lose that much time in your life over something like that.

Got my plane reservations for Boston/UK yesterday, so now it's really happening. I have to get the hotels nailed down and such. I'm not going to get nearly as much time as I'd like in any one place, but if there are any London or Cardiff based folks on my flist who might want to meet up, drop me a line, OK? I won't be able to get to Manchester as I'd hoped (wah), but if anyone's near those two cities, I'd love to see some fan folks!
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I got a Yuletide treat in Yuletide Madness today! I was so surprised when I saw that I had a treat -- I've never got one before except the year I was on the pinch-hit list. And it's for Awake, the Jason Isaacs show on NBC this past year. It's really lovely, and bittersweet, and I ♥ ♥ ♥ it so much!!!

Notes For A Murky Morning (277 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Awake (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Michael Britten

Michael Britten's lives are confusing. Keeping lists and making notes is supposed to help. Set during the first half of season one.

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Hi glorious Yuletide author! I am so excited you liked a fandom as much as I do that you want to write in it! Yay! I will be thrilled to read whatever you write. I have a few likes/dislikes that I can share with you, and I'll tell you a little bit more about each of the fandoms I chose, but honestly, you can't go wrong with the optional details. They might seem vague, but I don't like to give super specific prompts because I have a hard time writing that way. HOWEVER, if you really crave super specific prompts, have a mod ping me and I will try to deliver! I want you to be happy and have a good experience.

I can handle dark, light, and medium tones for stories -- I'm not averse to something really grim, although I have to admit that after a lot of years of losing people I love, I'm less and less thrilled with death stories than I used to be, but if that floats your boat, don't be afraid to do it if the story requires. I love real angst and stories where there are stakes and consequences. But I also love humor and witty banter and hearts aflutter.

Some dislikes are: I'm not religious, and I'd prefer that religion stay out of it if at all possible, unless it's integral to what the characters are doing or their identities (such as the Islamic characters in Strike Back). Pregnancy stories and things about babies or turning characters into kids is not something I especially enjoy. Two of the fandoms I requested this year involve men who have a kid, so that aspect I'm totally OK with, it's just more the baby-having or child-being thing I don't enjoy. I'm involved with animal rescue, so the one thing I really can't handle is any kind of animal suffering or cruelty to animals (and little kids).

Awake )

Case Histories )

Allstate Insurance )

Strike Back )

Thank you, Yuletide author! I hope you enjoy your assignment!
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I am sorry I'm so late with this letter, because I deeply appreciate that you are making me a vid! Last year was my first Festivids, and it was a wonderful experience -- so rest assured, I will be thrilled with whatever you make me.

I don't have a lot to add to the optional details in the original signup, but here's a little bit about me and my likes/dislikes and the fandoms in case it helps.

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